GMS: Demon Slayer, Hot Time, and More!

Well, obviously, with all the hype recently about the last new class of the Legends update, Demon Slayer has arrived successfully (somewhat..-cough-, scene glitch) and almost everyone is playing! It’s a great class, but I find the character look that we’re forced to start off with quite ugly. I personally don’t plan on getting mine as far as I’d wish until I get him glitter’d up.

Anyhow! Along with the release of Demon Slayer, we’re getting another Hot Time with a demonic twist. This is a no-miss Hot Time in my opinion..who wouldn’t want a set of neat horns that can benefit you almost in the way a Zakum Helmet or Scar/Targa Hat can? It’s just like the Elven Tiara with the Hot Time event held for Mercedes; it’s just themed for Demon Slayer this time. Additionally, the horns have potential (probably resulting in Epic Potential turn out just like the Elven Tiara) with an amazing personality-EXP bonus! Demon Slayers obviously would get the best out of this with that stat-boost made specifically for them.

Of course, like the other standard “Legendary Hot Time” events, you will receive a Storm Growth Potion (instant level-up), SP Reset Scroll, and AP Reset Scroll (all time-restricted). Use them before they expire! And of course, the Unidentified Love Letter (fame), and personality-stat boosters. (e.g. Carrot Juice, Cologne, etc.)

And to conclude, we have finally received Super Miracle Cubes which means we can get the ability to obtain Legendary-ranked potential upon usage of it on items. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean each cube will give you the best end result, but Legendary-rank poten. IS the best out of them.. o_o
Well, with all of this juicy stuff happening at once, I still have YET to debate on which character I should have participate in this Hot Time..I could literally get my main character to Lv. 140 with the click of a potion..or give my Demon Slayer some horns..

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