Greetings visitor!

Why hello there!

Welcome to my blog; my name is Walid — pronounced (Wall-eed). You may also call me Waru as well!

As an enthusiastic new blogger, I intend to bring many bright and colorful things to people about a wide variety of topics ranging from general gaming (mostly MapleStory) to fashion. Why do I do this? It’s just great to let out your views and opinions and it’s a great way to be interactive with your fellow peers. I will probably be blabbering about Maple for most of my posts, but do not be intimidated!  Other than my heavy gaming habits, I enjoy the fine arts, interesting music, and clothes. There are many great things to come with a lot of passion for it. I’m really approachable and I love to converse with others so do not be surprised if you happen to see me deeply analyzing something that you’re like “What the f-” about! That’s just me~ Hopefully I can get deeper into my journey with the accompanying YouTube and other social components of mine.

I hope you enjoy my compilation as its potential is here to stay for hopefully years to come!




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