A Royal Rave

Every now and then, GMS re-releases their Royal Hair & Eye coupons upon the arrival of new styles. However, I find it quite disappointing in the way it is embraced. People either abandon certain hairstyles/faces or overuse them. Contrastingly, for example, KMS has a lot of innovation in terms of how unique some players are with in-game fashion; they are just more interactive in my opinion. I would love to see a lot of colorful experimenting, but I guess that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon! :c

We got a Royal Look Package which contains a Royal Hair & Eye Coupon, with a permanent transparent hat. I find it kind of interesting because they threw in a PERMANENT transparent hat (hasn’t happened in a while..) and the whole package only costs 6,750 NX. Not bad if you ask me; considering there’s that permanent item..

The new styles for Royal Hair & Eyes are as followed:

FEMALE – Luscious Looks & Romantic Perm Hair







MALE – Neinheart Hair & Retro Romance Hair

———————–> Now, to be honest with you, this was not a great update. The Neinheart Hair stuck out to me the most because of how androgynous it is and how cute and soft the color options are. The Luscious Looks one for females is interesting too; but the top is quite flat.. The other two are basically cat scratch.. =/

FEMALE – Prim Face

MALE – Cartoon Face

———————–> These are really neat. I especially like the new Cartoon Face for males..it’s so unpredictable with the emoticons and it’s clean and just adorable! The female Prime Face is kind of repetitive and recycled if I’ve seen a similar style before. It has that ‘cat-eye’ charisma.

Grah! I personally don’t plan on changing my main character’s look, but it’s possible that I may try out the Cartoon Face as soon as I can get my hands on some NX!

See ya later!


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