You have been HELL-BANNED!

If you don’t happen to know what a “hell-ban” is, I’m glad to clarify it for you. Basically, when someone is hellbanned, they are restriced from dropping, trading, or selling items (except NPCing). This is literally torcher to some players out there (yes, I mean you merchants…). Other than the hellbanning issues that Scanians have had, Windia has also fell into the hole of hell as well. Almost three quarters of Windia is now hell-banned. However, it’s obviously just a bug that will hopefully soon be addressed by Nexon, collectively.

On Twitter, Nexon America’s Hime did make small talk with some players as she responded to their claims about the issue of their players being hell-banned. I wasn’t personally hell-banned, but I hope everyone can soon recover from this issue so things can get restored! (You merchants still irk me…)

To make it even more clear, the FM (Free Market) has been quite empty due to this issue. A lot of Windia’s supply is kind of fluctuating with empty FM rooms and abruptly new shops. Even I can’t get my hands on extra PSBs to buy…things must get fixed soon!

See ya later!


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