GMS: Alliance Rising Is Coming In February!

MapleStory Alliance Rising

Wow! Yay; this is great! I didn’t even expect to see this as I checked up on what’s new with Nexon this afternoon.

Existing characters will get some great buffs such as the Aran (Yay for my main! Who wouldn’t want that quicker Combat Step and stuff? :D) and Evan (Dragon :3), and Resistance changes (Battle Mages can now stack Auras)– I guess they’re not included in this update. On top of that, quests will give better EXP along with revamped landscapes for quest line.

Fundamentally to Maple, the main objective of this patch in giving various classes revamped skills is to bring classes closer together. From what I’m understanding, it seems that most classes are going to be a lot more useful to each other (such as those Battle Mages..o_o).

Aran’s New Combat Step!

Evan’s New Dragon Soar!

Stacking Auras with Battle Mage!

That’s what I’ve got for you all for now! There is still much more to come. Yay!

See ya later!


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