All Stars Hair Coupon!

With no further surprises, GMS has released All Star Hair Coupons, which in my opinion, are just another type of Royal Hair Coupon to me.. <_<

It’s basically a completion of new hairs that could have easily been added to Royal, but I guess not.  A lot of what came with this tiny Cash Shop update are hairstyles many Maplers have been looking forward to based off of what they’ve seen on BannedStory. That includes the Wild Tangles hair and Princess Rococo. I personally don’t find any of these hairstyles interesting, especially the Wild Tangles one. I honestly don’t understand why all the guys have been hyping over seems kind of..out of proportion. I like the Scoop Hair..a LOT. <3

Anyhow, I’ll get cracking to the review. So basically, each coupon is 3000 NX, but there is a package of 11 for 30,000 NX (Are you kidding me? >:C).

Some hairstyles that are part of the ‘All Stars’ completion used to be accessable from Royal or elsewhere, but I guess they moved them such as the Male’s Prince Cut, and Heavy Metal Hair.

I wont go over those, being that I think you’re all already familiar with them.

Any how, here are them; all.


Bleached Pony Hair

(This one is so amazing, I want to make a girl character because of it. LOVE IT.)

Bloom Hair

(Pixel error? Gross.)

Charming Chinese Hair

(nekodesudesux333… <_<)

Gorgeous Queen Hair

(Purple is very pretty. Pretty simple and elegant; do like.)

Long Pigtails

(This one is quite absurd, but I actually think it’s really cute. Nice, kicked back, and just free. Blue and green are nice.)

Princess Rococo


(I have no doubt seeing this as the new “in” hair.. Personally, I find it really flat and recycled..)

Spring Flower Hair

(Ooh. I like the idea, but some colors just DO NOT go…at all. Red is nice!)

Sugar Bubble Hair


Two Braids Hair

(The colors are really gross and solid. The only suitable ones are black, in my opinion. Needs moar pastel. :l The idea is neat though. o:)


Boy Band Cut

(Eh? .. Blue and green are neat.)

Cute Boy Hair

(Recycled Evan hair… >:C)

Messy Bowl Hair

(Adorable. <3)

Neat Shaggy Hair

(Interesting.. o:)

Scoop Hair

(LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. Will get. <3)

Volume Cut

Wild Tangles Hair

(Not interested. Colors are gross. Except Black…pretty nice. :3)


So yeah, that’s your All Star update for you. Interesting stuff, but so much recycled concepts. =/

I’m not a fan of the standard solidity of how some color options are. I wish there was more pastel-like shades involved. That’s all for now..

See ya later! (;


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