Addressing Recent Stability Issues In GMS


Alright, well, for those of you who haven’t been noticing the recent issues with users accessing their Maple accounts on GMS  (how could you NOT know..? LOL.), after the dreadfully lengthy server maintenance and what-not, the staff over at Nexon America has come to some conclusions pertaining to a compensation package for the whole community to apologize for the recent stability issues. Some of you may be shocked by this; it really was that bad. Players could not access even the game, to get it running, which stirred up numerous issues such as the disruption of a timed event such as the Evolving Ring III. At first they extended that even to February 3rd, but after yesterday’s 12-hour maintenance (WOW!), it’s been moved, once more, to the 6th instead. Fairly enough, people should have more time to get things started.

But wait! That’s not even NEARLY the best part of compensation!

Here it is, as stated by the staff themselves:

“Dear Maplers,

Over the last few days MapleStory has experienced intermittent server instabilities that have interrupted many players’ opportunities to play MapleStory. The cause of the issue was a result of malfunctions of certain server hardware. To identify problematic areas we had to keep the servers online despite the inconveniences our players endured, and for that we greatly apologize.

Because players lost items and mesos during the server instability, in addition to abusers trying to take advantage of the situation, MapleStory will be restored to a previous status point of 8PM Pacific on Tuesday, January 24. All items, experience and transaction gained between the restore point and before the maintenance will be overwritten. We found this to be the only method to rectify the influx of economy damaging goods.
As a thank you for your patience and loyalty we will be providing all players affected by the instability and the restore point the following items and events:

  • All NX spent between 8PM Pacific, January 24 to 3PM Pacific, January 27 will be returned.
  • Players who were logged in between 8PM Pacific, January 24 to 3PM Pacific, January 27will receive 5,000 Maple Points.
  • 48 hour Cash item extension on top of the 48 hour extension that was previously applied (total of 96 hours).
  • 3x EXP and Drop starting from the end of the maintenance today to the end of the day Friday, February 3. The event will run during all hours of the event days.
  • The Evolving Ring III event will be extended to February 6.

The first three of the following items will be available for one character per world on your account if the character was created before 8PM, January 24, so make space and choose which character wisely! The two Cash items will be available for one character on your account if the character was created before 8PM, January 24.

  • 10 free AP points
  • 1 Storm Growth Potion. This item instantly raises your character one level.
  • 4 free slots in each section of your item inventory
  • 1 Hyper Teleport Rock (7 Days)
  • 1 Premium Cash Shop Surprise

You will receive a message from the Maple Administrator upon logging in to a character to collect the first three above, and your character must be level 15 or higher to receive them. You will receive a message in the Cash Shop to collect the two Cash items. You will be able to collect these items until the end of the day Friday, February 3.

Thank you, Maplers, for bearing with us during this time. We hope you enjoy all the events and items made available to help recover your Maple journey!

– The Maple Team -“

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I really love you Nexon. All the wait was actually worth it. 5k NX, Non-stop 3x EXP ’till February 6th, Storm Growth Potion..Premium Cash Shop Surprise?! Absurdly, we are also getting 10 free AP Points? Neat! n_n

This is one heck-of-a compensation package; really. On top of that, it’s even better to think that we’re getting the Alliance Rising (union patch) in February as well. It’s intriguing to think how all hope is lost and regained in an INSTANT.


I guess it was too good to be true. We all logged in of course, and things were still the same. At least I was able to grab my stuff…but seriously? The maintenance has begun again, and will be extended to 6:00 AM (PST)..




Oh wait a sec. As good as things MIGHT have seemed, unfortunately, we are still experiencing TERRIBLE lagging and abrupt disconnections which is why GMS will be undergoing yet ANOTHER maintenance for January 28th. It started 6:45 PM and will end (hopefully as planned..) at 8:45 PM (PST). There are still some remaining stability problems. Great..

Hilariously enough, I disconnected because of the server maintenance RIGHT when my ring was about to evolve to Lv. 7. Yay. n_n

See ya later!



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