Into the FUN of Alliance Rising!

Well hello everyone! Yes, it has been QUITE a while since the last time I have updated or posted anyone on what’s new with GMS recently; but really? There actually isn’t much to talk about rather SHOW you all the great stuff of this update. Funny enough, I notice the curiosity revolving around my blog based off of people searching “When is the Union Patch coming to GMS?” or “Union Patch”…Kudos to ElvenEmily; we apparently did not get the official Union patch. Contrastingly, in KMS, the first update that came before Union was 1.2.139; which is what we got. Then UNION arrived in KMS at 1.2.144 — essentially, the resistance revamp. Hoping to see some greatness in the month of March. Sadly, GMS is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. These past two months have not been too nice quite honestly. But I learn to adjust. n_n

I have been on this rampage to farm ‘Maple Leaves’ for one sole get the FULL Maple Uniform set. That bonus is a no-miss and the outfit is just adorable. Promising myself I wouldn’t buy any leaves, I farmed nearly 10,000+ Maple Leaves to get that set, and I finally did! Phew, my fingers hurt. >:

So here’s the NPC, Lucia, who hands this stuff out for the coins you gather. Essentially, 100 Maple Leaves=1 Coin. And quite frankly, these things are pricey. o:

The shop as presented by the NPC Lucia presents a main set consisting of a Maple Beret, Uniform, Gloves, Shoes, Cloak, Shoulder Pad, and Belt; all of which have HIDDEN POTENTIAL (yay..), except the Shoulder Pad.. D:

The bonus is really great! (the set’s extra attack and stat boost) Additionally, with Alliance Rising, my Aran is much more stable and Combat Step is so fun to use; it’s also helpful! Swoosh, swoosh, swooosh!

I will update this post more to keep everyone updated. Follow my blog and/or Twitter for notifications!

See ya later!



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