Alliance Unbound Comes This March!

MapleStory Alliance Unbound

Yes, in its entirety comes our way to GMS — the completion of the Alliance update that arrives in the second week of March! Isn’t this great? I feel like we’re progressing fairly quickly. Things are going to be interesting..

Alright, so as most of you may already know about the previous update, only Aran and Evan classes were adjusted. So in this SECOND part of the Alliance update (Alliance Inbound) comes the update for the Resistance group of classes. Additionally, a whole entire revamp is being applied to the Ellin Forest area in a quest-line manner with a new fairy boss (which I will update later, so stay tuned).

The other thing that closely caught my attention the most was some type of exclusive GMS content being applied to the New Leaf City/Masteria area? The hint given is something about ‘aliens’. This is something I’m personally looking forward to the most. Quite honestly, I’ve always felt like a LOT more better could have been done to Masteria so we’ll just have to wait and see what we get. Hopefully it’s not something tacky like the ‘Capture The Flag” mode of PvP that was supposedly “exclusive” back in the Chaos patch.

Oh, and who doesn’t love those fun Party Quests? An adventurous update is coming to them ranging through Monster Carnival, Nett’s Pyramid, Ghost Ship Dual Raid, and Mu Lung Dojo!

They also left this “Dying for some great new items and some fun new ways to level up?”…Hm? o:

I will be on top of this with all new and to come for you guys.

See ya!




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6 responses to “Alliance Unbound Comes This March!”

  1. Elven Emily says :

    Aran and Evan are still being revamped in this update, and this really isn’t a continuation of Alliance Rising since that was the (unexpected in KMS) Legends finale. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to Union and Justice!

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