GMS: Alien Cubes, Nebulite, Perfect Innocence Scrolls, and More!

Upon the release of the most recent update, Alliance Unbound, a rather recycled yet relatively new system to GMS has arrived which is primarily composed of Nebulite (an alien ore used for upgrades for items in which is interlaced with the idea of sockets to , which I will explain more on). Additionally, the utilization of the new Alien Cubes that can be obtained from the Cash shop.

So, let’s start with the new ALIEN SOCKET SYSTEM. It’s the newest method to upgrade an item now in Global MapleStory and the way it works is essentially between Nebulite and sockets.   NPC Bo, who should be in most major towns, can drill a Socket into your item, and you’ll be able to put a chunk of Nebulite  into it for the outcome of the upgrade that can be an assortment or a little difference. As of THIS patch (v.107), the service is free from Bo, but after it will cost mesos as stated by the NPC himself. In a way, it resembles the Potential system, but I honestly love how creative this system is, contrastingly. I personally like it much better. The idea of Nebulite, sockets, and aliens kind of gives my personal playing experience more enjoyable. Really..

Indifferently, I’m under the assumption that Nebulite-oriented items can be found just like ‘Pot’able items can be found and have a magnifying glass used on them. Hopefully that’s the case. Because if it’s NX related in order to utilize Nebulite…just…no.

Here are how Nebulite pieces look like! Instead of Magnifying Glasses, like in the Potential system, these are stat-specific additions/revisions. You can get these in a variety of ways. So far, I’ve only observed individuals attaining them from Gachapon. :l

Additionally  all new Alien Cubes. You’re probably wondering..ugh great, more stuff to buy from the Cash Shop..or “Great, more cubes..”. It’s kind of interesting and pretty much that in a sense from my perception. Just like the Potential system, when you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of your Potential-ed item, you can buy Cubes to revise the effect to something better. Similarly, the Alien Cubes can enhance the old Nebulite BEFORE its applied to the item, that you aren’t satisfied with, for an even better. The Alien Socket system, in comparison to the Potential system, has it’s own rankings from worst to best ranging from D-A (A being the best you can get). Alien Cubes are 1,500 NX and essentially come with a Nebulite Diffuser Fragment; 10 Fragments can be exchanged for a Nebulite Diffuser:

Now, I’m almost certain that the question to all of this, in importance to stat-dramatic players..

DOES IT STACK?! — Yes, of course it does. It being an entirely different system as emphasized DOES stack with Potential effects, and scroll effects, everything else, etc..

On top of everything that has been added, everlastingly as some of you might have expected, we also have TWO more new scrolls new to the cash shop which are the Perfect Innocence Scrolls and the Guardian Scrolls!

The Perfect Innocence Scroll (9,900 NX) can clear all item upgrades WITHOUT resetting potentials. Pretty nifty, in a way I guess. There is a 100% success rate of the scroll working, it resets the Number of Available Upgrades, Number of Hammers utilized, Enhancements Applied, and evolved items back to their pre-evolutionary states. So as a result of that, the effect of scrolls are gone since the upgrades reset; effects do not stay. NOTE: Cannot be used with Nebulite infused items.

With Guardian Scrolls (3000 NX each), what they do is instead of keeping your equipment safe of explosives.. (LOL, getting ruined from scrolls..), it keeps your SCROLL safe IF and only IF it fails.

Yep, I’m going to go ahead and play around with the Nebulite system a bit! I’m quite interested. And while I do that, I’ll go ahead and play with the new Masteria content. My Aran is STRONGER THAN EVER! I’m in love… <3 I will attempt to provide in-game experience footage. n_n

See ya later!



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