KMS: New Class – Mikhail!

I’m not going to blog on about this, however, I would like to inform you all that this is essentially an expansion of the Cygnus Knight: Dawn Warrior in that he is indivudalized and can actually reach up to Lv. 200, as a separate class with his own look and everything. Quite honestly, I found the construction of the class extremely poor and I rate it a 1/10 — possibly even negatively..honestly frowned upon to levels I cannot explain. I was expecting something a tad bit more innovative than a copy ‘n paste from Dawn Warriors. Nothing is appealing at all; basically a shinier Hero to me! Anywho, if you’d like to check more on this; kudos to a really dedicated and awesome blogger: Max/Orange Mushroom for making a nicely organized overview of the new class and events taking place in KMS in regards to the arrival of Mikhail! It’s so cool because it only went up to the KMST server for about 2 days I think (?) and hit the real server. If only GMS were that fast…but ANYWAY, check out Max’s great review @! Although I’m not fond at all of the new class, KMS events are getting really juicy so look at those!

This class is terrible; I’m sorry. =/

See ya later my lovelies!


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One response to “KMS: New Class – Mikhail!”

  1. Derpin' says :

    lol. nice blog .

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