Late Night Homework & AP Courses…

For those of you who do not know what AP Courses are; they are Advanced Placement courses at high schools that offer college-level material in a variety of different subject. In my last year of high school, I am taking 4 AP Courses and 6 AP Exams to take in May! Essentially, AP Exams, which are given by College Board, can get you college credits for the subject taken if you get at roughly a 3 to 5 (being that 5 is the highest score you can get..) Study, study, STUDY! x_x

Lately, I have been so tired! It’s hard to keep up. Some will brag and call it easy. I guess the concepts are simple, but BLOODY HELL — the work is so freaking aggravating. It’s honestly not fun staying up and having to suffer in the morning later on…I just learned to live with it I guess? For those of you suffering from this kind of rigourousness, this is a shout-out to encourage you to keep going! We can totally do this!

Keep on studying for those AP Exams in May! ~ No giving up.

See ya!



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