GMS: Alliance Eternal, First Live Stream with Hime, & new Maple Styles!

Yeah, I didn’t see it coming either. Although I am a tad bit late on this update, a recent live stream on Twitch.TV session hosted by the staff of GMS, especially Hime who had confirmed this third and LAST part of the Alliance series will come our way THIS week. I personally predict it’s either tomorrow (April 11th) or Thursday, April 12th. Who knows though, it’s this week based on what Hime has told us!

Moving onward with what this update is coming with, here is what has been confirmed on the GMS site:

  • Explorers and Cygnus Knights have been enhanced with new powers: Warriors, Magicians, and Bowmen will be the first of the Explorers to enjoy their new strength, and a new high-level quest chain awaits the Cygnus Knights.
  • Ultimate Explorers have become stronger than ever with increased max health points, new exclusive skills, and an exclusive chain quest.
  • Nett’s Pyramid is renewed once again with rebalances to requirements and the monsters inside. Defend against waves of mummies, and get your hands on exclusive, new riches that will only be available for a limited time!
  • Lion King’s Castle, Maple World’s favorite hunting ground, gains a new overarching storyline and a new boss to defeat.
  • Events galore! Rescue the Miwoks from savage monsters. Celebrate the coming of spring by helping research flowers to receive great buffs. Receive a special pendant to increase the EXP you gain.
You can check out a PREVIEW of the new content tested by the staff members themselves through a video of the full live stream below:
(Video credits go to MrChumBuddy)
NOTE: I will personally add to this or condense all information for this update into one post. There will be a notification posted for that if done soon.

Other than the Alliance Eternal update, from April 4th to April 18th, Royal Hair Coupons and Royal Eye Coupons have returned with a new stylish twist! I personally like this mini update.

Here’s what we’ve got:


Spring Waltz 

Glamour Hair (I like this a lot! I would totally get this on a female character of mine~)

Pouty Face (as shown w/ Glamour Hair) — This face is simply adorable! <3


Flame Hair (It looks like hair soaked in gel or something..)

Compassionate Face (as shown above)

(I personally find this to be more of a stoner face..just saying..)

Angel Hair

(Ugh, this hair is just gorgeously adorable. The colors are fabulous and the hairstyle itself is just so soft and cute.)

Arrogant Face (as shown above)

(I love this face. It’s just really dynamic but fun at the same time. n_n)

Aside from styles, I hope you all remember that the Justice update content is in the GMS game data (as of Alliance Unbound…somewhat..) which MAY mean that the Justice Update is very near to come! I predict it either comes late May or early June! Just a thought~

See you later!



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