GMS – Coming Soon: Lucky 7th Mapleversary!

Yup that’s right, the month of May is the month that GMS will hold its LUCKY 7th MAPLEVERSARY! With no surprise will I expect this one to be something actually good because of the whole lucky theme of ‘seven’. Of course, many of the core concepts of the Mapleversary tradition will derive from KMS, but let’s not forget the Cake & Pie events!

These were the official words from the GMS announcement:

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 years. We want to thank all the loyal friends who have stuck with us and all the new friends that have come out to play. We’re dedicating the whole month of May to all the people who got us where we are today!

The Maple Star! competition heats up as Valerie, Lilin, and Empress Cygnus compete to become the one and only Star of Maple World! Watch the drama unfold as the girls compete for your votes, and don’t miss their awesome concerts to see if your favorite Maple Star wins!

Exclusive Mapleversary items, including all-new Beryl and Crimson Maple equipment, are available only during the Mapleversary event. The 7th Anniversary Coin Shop also opens up, with new Beryl Maple armors and Joyous 7th Dark Scrolls! Don’t spend the rest of the year sulking, just be here at the right time to get your gear!

New events are on the way, like Lucky 7 Fridays, a 7-week long item giveaway on our Facebook page. Also keep an eye out for the delicious Mapleversary Bake Off and the nostalgic Lucky 7 Maple Memories events with great prizes, like a new digital camera!

Love hanging out with the MapleStory game masters (GM)? Then rejoice! This month is full of meet and greets with GMs with fun events, buffs, and Big Puff Daddy!

For those of you who don’t know what the Maple Beryl is, it’s basically the green version of the red Maple uniform and items we got in the Alliance updates. I’m not going to be too crazy over those…honestly, none of these updates are making me that motivated to play as much as I do. Phantom? …where are you? ;A;



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