My blog has been reborn!

Hello everyone who is nice enough to visit my blog!

If you are someone who has seen my blog BEFORE, it should be obvious that it has changed…a lot!~

I made quite a few visual changes to it. Although the previous look it had was quite pleasant and simple, I wanted to take a risk and give it something different, so enjoy it, as I hope it is still conveniant and easy to use! This is a new beginning of much to come. I am working currently on my YouTube channel, and a decoden project soon to come on there and on this blog. Additionally, I will be reviewing some things on Maple, like I always have, only if I see that it needs to be reviewed. It takes too much time and energy to literally review everything that is updated! (Mainly because not everything updated on Maple is a good thing…  c; )

That’s it for now!

Waru <3 ~


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