CMS & TWMS: New Class: The Dragon Warrior?

Alright, so what the heck?! I turn my head for a day or two and THIS is what I am exposed to? Apparently, CMS and TaiwanMS are getting the same exclusive class/job in their versions and it’s called the Dragon Warrior! Also, there is some tiny information available as of v.111 in GMS’ exclusive class this summer’. So that’s TWO jobs being released in versions of Maple this summer which doesn’t include Phantom for GMS for obvious reasons…we’ve known about it. I’m starting to get worried though because; How late is GMS getting the Justice update and the new class?

Quite honestly, I’d have to say…all the skills look really neat, exclusive, and fresh. Additionally, it seems their primary weapon is a gun of some sort… and they are Pirate adventurers. “冒险家” means “adventure”… It’s likely that this class will be out for a limited time in CMS/TWMS being that it’s exclusive and all… Anyhow, below are some pictures from this new class! (Credits go to Forad of EllinForest)

Um…yikes? O_O

Mhm, that’s the Dragon Warrior for ya. You can check out Forad’s original thread on EllinForest about this at:

Moving on from THAT, I’m REALLY excited for GMS’ exclusive class whose name is Jett. And apparently this is supposed to tie in with the current Bounty Hunter event. Dozokten’s blog has an observation based on the logo shown on the items of the Bounty Hunter event…this is getting so intense! I just WANT the Justice update and Jett to come out like…right now. ;A;


I should probably shut up right now…I’m way too excited. Seems like it’s going to be a bad ass class. Yaaaaay! I just hope we can get a freaking move on with our updates. Nexon said something about June and getting Phantom and our exclusive class during the Dev. Blog, but so far…nothing. I personally predict something might happen at the END of June? Also, I’ve personally been having MAJOR issues actually playing MapleStory for the past few months ever since Nexon made that stupid excuse of an anti-hacking program that’s BADLY programmed and runs in infinite loops also known as BlackCipher because it lags me EXTREMELY bad in game, and I can barely play without disconnecting after 5-15 minutes (if I’m lucky). I really hope they address this. Because some of my friends as well haven’t been able to play like they used to. It’s different for a lot of people but a lot of us are still having issues.  Please Nexon…fix this….now. -rageagsdgsadgsdgquitadsgs-

See ya!

Waru <3 ~


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