GMS: Renegades Coming This Summer!

WHAT?! Am I like some kind of charm or something? It wasn’t too long ago that I blogged about how badly I wanted them to update us on the whole ‘Justice’ thing and Jett, but WHAT?! So apparently, instead of Justice, GMS’ version will be called ‘Renegades’? If Renegades is supposed to be the Justice update, which honestly doesn’t bother me, then where’s the revamp of pirates and thieves? They didn’t really emphasize on it on the Renegades promotional website..That’s why I can’t really confirm that that IS the Justice update in GMS form. BUT I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR JETT! I am in love with the art work so far, and it looks like it’s going to be totally awesome and unique — a totally different twist on what we’re familiar with!

You can visit the promotional website here. This update, in terms of how they separated it on the website, is divided or consisting of three sections.

1. The arrival of Jett. (Which is probably between the 27th of June to the 30th. I’m just saying that because the last teaser is on the 27th of June, for Jett…or it seems like a teaser.)

2. The arrival of Phantom. The date of it’s release isn’t known, but the teaser section for Phantom is open on July 2nd. I predict that Nexon will probably give a good week or two before going on to Phantom to give players a good gist of Jett which is understandable, in my opinion.

3. Lastly, the ‘Fight For Aswan’. And that teaser section isn’t even open until July 16th. So if you think about it, from July 2nd (The Phantom teaser release date) to the 16th is exactly 2 weeks. So ACTUALLY (focus on what I’m saying here), I could be wrong, and Phantom might actually be released on the 2nd of July, but still, that would make no sense because that’s so quickly and the Jett class would have just come out. So maybe PHANTOM would be released in-game on the 14th or 16th of July and then two weeks from THEN would be Aswan. But still, I’m really not so sure about Jett.

NOTE: I am not establishing anything official; so don’t try and hold anything against me! I’m merely stating my own views/opinions/predictions. 

Now, about Jett, to be quite honest with you all, this is most likely going to be the exclusive class that Nexon was talking about in the Dev Blog they posted during the last Alliance update. Aside from that high likelihood of Jett being it (no, honestly, It’s probably it. I mean seriously? The Jett logo, the male and female on the poster…yeah, it’s it.). The thing that creates this tiny chamber of doubt in my mind is the fact that Jett is described as an “intergalactic terrorist”. So that’s a bad thing, and they’re going to be a class? It just may be that; you never know, this might not even be that exclusive class. (Who am I kidding, yes it is…it better be.) But as a reinforcement, I do in fact think this IS the class not just because of the logo hints, and character artwork, but because on the exclusive YouTube video that Nexon posted for Jett, they stated:

A WANTED shadowy character has emerged from the outer reaches! Will they become a friend, a foe or a Renegade of Maple World?!

They’re giving us a hint that, evidently, this “bad guy” is going to be good. Yeah, I think it’s it everyone. n_n

You can check out this rather weird video (the artwork for GMS trailers is REALLY starting to change…LOL) here:

Goodness, I am just really excited. Seriously, THIS is going to be the honkin’ update I’ll be raving about all the time. This is the update I have been waiting for. Some might argue it’s really no biggie, for all of you annoying Maple-hipsters out there, but I don’t care. We need it, we’re getting it, and so we’ll have it. Done, done, and DONE.

Expect in-depth reviews, videos, and more! Shit just got real, um…ya.

See ya everyone!

Waru <3~


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  1. mithi9 says :

    Can’t wait !

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