KMST: Luminous!

Just when you thought two new classes in versions of MapleStory, this summer, was enough. Nope, you’re wrong. Luminous, the final hero of the five heros in MapleStory has been released in KMST. But there’s a twist. We thought this final hero would be the pirate hero. Uh, no. It’s a mage. The weapon you see in his hand is the ‘Shining Rod’ which is essentially a double sided weapon that signifies his light/dark emphasis or background to his power. He utilizes light and dark magic alternatively that have benefits in terms of attacking power. Can’t wait to see more about how it works. Additionally, and with no surprise, the secondary weapon is pretty much an orb.

Of course, I don’t play KMS nor KMST evidently, so I will not go TOO in depth about this. But here are some videos showing all job advancements and the interface of their skills, that I found on YouTube. Credits to the uploader~ (This skills are freaking all over the place! o_e) [Watch in HD!]

Anyway, this is pretty cool! But quite honestly, Luminous’ skill are just crazy and apeshit all over the freaking place! But I personally don’t like the color combinations even though they’re awesomely animated, but it’s still cool! I was NOT expecting this guy to be a mage…what happened to the pirate part? This really ruined it in that aspect…but I mean; WHY? Why would you ruin the last place by not having a pirate? I guess it was to fit the story line more accordingly? Anyway, it just doesn’t feel right; rather iffy…LOL.

Those skills you see in the video are 4th job skills. And some of you might not get that because the player is Lv. 100. BUT, that is because LEVEL REQUIREMENTS HAVE ALSO CHANGED IN UPDATE! It has been changed so that at Lv. 60, you can now get your 3rd job advancement, and at 100, you can get your 4th job advancement except Cygnuses because their limit is 120 and Evans because they go by evolutions or growths. Isn’t that really awesome!? But with that change, the skill levels are going to be changed too because they have to get smaller I’m guessing.

I need to control myself. All of these releases are getting to me, and I need to CALM. XD

Anyhow, I’m not going to fret, it’s going to be a long ass time before anything even halfway near to Luminous is coming to GMS. Just saying…calm your kitties everyone! Aside from all of that, we’re getting Jett here in GMS on the 27th, so I’m pretty excited even though they’re “recycled skills”; the revised animations for the whole laser/alien thing is freaking awesome! They still haven’t shown the guy version in game in the teaser! But whatever…we’ll see when it’s released. :3

Bye guys!

Waru <3~ n_n


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