GMS: Jett footage has been revealed! + My Predictions~

Yes, you heard it right folks. Finally, today Nexon uploaded a tiny teaser for Jett, but this time with in-game footage.

Evidently, with no surprise, this class Jett, exclusively for GMS, is just as exclusive as ChinaMS’ and TMS’ Dragon Warrior. What do I mean  by that? Well, the Dragon Warrior’s skill structure or skill foundation made from the new skills that were originally intended for the Pirate and Thief revamp that was in the original Justice update of KMS. So instead of releasing that revamp (I’m not sure if they will or if even GMS is going to release that revamp…), they put it into a whole new class. So back on the main idea, Jett is the same way, and I’m not surprised. Wizet isn’t going to take that kind of time to design something from scratch for GMS’ class. A lot of Corsair moves are utilized and covered up with Jett-themed graphics with the whole laser beam thing. Additionally, Jett comes with a leap or jump just like Mercedes, except it’s colored blue. [sarcasm] Pretty exclusive, EH? [/endsarcasm]

It’s kind of a disappointment that this so called exclusive class uses the revamp skills in a different form to make it their own, but I’m not surprised it turned out that way. Dragon Warrior was enough proof to foreshadow this for GMS. Whatever, I’m still excited for it, because they’re still skills I’ve never tried before. So even though they were intended for the revamp for Pirates/Thieves, it’s still technically exclusive to GMS because we haven’t gotten that revamp yet, or we might not even get it. But so far, based on the video, it seems that the skills for Jett are based solely on corsair/bowmaster skills? Basically in a briefer sense, the pirate revamp. And that gives me more evidence to establish a personal observation that GMS might only release a thief revamp? I’m just THINKING this because my other clue for this is that, on FaceBook, GMS posted this picture with the following caption:

Shuriken and kunai sharpened: Check. Lighter sneaking sandals: Check.

Obviously, that is hinting at something thief oriented because; Why would they just post a freaking picture of a kunai and shuriken? LOL… Another thing, there’s nothing about pirates.. So it seems that they’re just taking the new skills for pirates and some components of existing long ranged classes and using them for Jett. And it works perfectly for me to predict that there might just be the thief revamp  based on how they organized this. I personally think that the pirate revamp is out of proportion anyways…and a lot of you will hate me for saying that but I think it is. Just because Buccaneers can be argued as weak, I beg to freaking differ. The potential system really gives Maplers the chance of opportunity. And notice I didn’t just say opportunity; I said CHANCE of opportunity. Potentials are hard to come across for some, yet easy for others. I have seen tons, and I mean TONS of Buccaneers who are extremely powerful based upon their personal fixations on equipment, and other things. The revamp really takes away the essence of what buccaneers are which is pretty much close combat attackers, not all of this new flashy shit. The simplicity of buccaneers makes them…THEM. That’s why they’re cool. They fight with their fists, not shoot laser freaking beams out of their hands. So go ahead, get mad…I could care less about the pirate revamp. But I don’t think they’ll get it based on how things are going so far with the release of Jett and the clue with the thief weapons. Although, I would love to have some new things for corsairs but still, eh. I’m not that afflicted in the process. I personally love the fact that they grabbed the revamp and turned it into the GMS exclusive classic which is the whole alien-themed thing. It’s good to stick to something and keep pulling through with it, which in this case is the alien thing. LASERZSLDGKMDSLKGMSDKLGMSDKL PEW PEWPEWP SDGGSD SHHH POW. Whatever…more long-ranged classes, but it’s okay. Be optimistic people; appreciate it! I’ve seen enough criticism. You’re lucky Nexon thought of you guys and came up with this idea. Sure, some of you may hate it, but the thought counts. I personally love it, and I’m excited to try Jett. But seriously? Where’s the guy version? I’m highly sure this isn’t gender locked but if it was…hell would just break loose at that point. >8U

Most of us Maplers in GMS, at this time, are predicting that Jett will be released on the 27th of June because the last slot/box/teaser on the Renegades site says 06/27. That would be stupid if that’s the last teaser, and not the day it comes out. We already saw a video with the footage…just release the damn class, lmao.

So on to the VISUAL aspect of all of this craziness; here is today’s video for Jett, from Nexon:

But yeah…I know some of this new content and revamp news is disappointing, but please be aware that I’m merely stating my observations and putting predictions out there. You can either agree, or just not care at all. I don’t want people to start getting real ideas, so this is just a warning that anything could happen. SIX MORE DAYS TILL THE 27th!

P.S.: This whole ‘Above the Law’ theme with Jett is funny because it’s an AMERICAN exclusive. That’ saying something about America…Y’ALL ARE CRIMINALS! >8U

Bye guys!

Waru <3~ n_n


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2 responses to “GMS: Jett footage has been revealed! + My Predictions~”

  1. T.C says :

    Nice! =)

  2. THE ONE AND OLNY says :

    so much evidence!!

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