GMS: v.112 – Update Highlights: An Exotic Adventure Awaits!

*Welcome to Cerberus Intergalactic Travel, please follow us while we direct you to your seat~!* n_n

Alrighty, so these are the details that Nexon posted yesterday about the upcoming patch on the 27th for GMS v.112. Evidently, my predictions were right…we ARE only getting the thief revamp. If we get the pirate revamp later or not at all; whatever…honestly, you all need to just make the best of what you have and stop complaining. If you don’t like it, then leave. I’m actually pretty excited to make a Jett. I appreciate the effort, and it looks pretty interesting — I’m glad they took the alien thing to a new level. And this patch is pretty interesting because they put the part-time job and character card system in the first part of this clunk of updates…I recall in KMS, the put that in the last part of Justice. But that’s still pretty awesome! Although v.112 is pretty awesome in MY opinion, there are some implementations that are just plain stupid like the Level-up Guide and the Navigation System; I’ll explain why.

So anyway, let’s go through these highlights. (Yes, these aren’t even the update NOTES…but whatever. Those will probably come a night or two before the patch date.)

Below is the video posted by Nexon briefly going through the v.112 contents but they didn’t show Jett in this video, mainly because they want that to be the biggest surprise when players experience it in-game when the patch comes. Watch~

Okay so next… (obviously Jett, yes we know this.)

HAH, I TOLD YOU ALL. It’s only this revamp…for now at least. Ya never know if they release the pirate revamp sometime in the future. But I’m fine with what they’ve given us for now. So excited for Jett instead. :3

Quite interesting. I didn’t think they’d put these two systems this early in the update of Renegades (which would be our Justice because in the KMS justice, I THINK I recall these two came at the last part of Justice.) and it’s really awesome that we are getting this for the next patch. I can’t wait to look into it. Also, before all of you hipsters start bitching about how you’re going to miss the old look of the login screen, SUCK IT UP. As someone who has played for 6 years, I think these changes are really nice; it keeps me playing and enjoying the game more. I do in fact get quite bored sometimes. These are neat side features to keep players more occupied; doing other things..hopefully in a good way. Take breaks from playing everyone…LOL!

The next two features are just plain stupid. Assisting people on where to train from the people of the game themselves is just sad and takes away some of the challenge of the game too. Many of us have worked so hard to discover places to train that works for us. The last thing we need is more spoon feeding. NO MORE, PLEASE! >:C

And this Navigation System? -_-…Oh goodness. WHERE IS THE CHALLENGE…>:C (Not so much of a challenge, but y’all need to figure it out yourself! I don’t like these two implementations.)

Oh YES! I can finally NOT worry about Neo City. Finally more capability for whoever wants to go and more stuff to do! :3 And new entrance requirements for some PQs? So that means new rewards…I wonder. o:

Yes, yes, and yes. I will be focusing on a Jett which means the Level-Up Bonanza applies. Additionally, the Renegades Festival is basically the Justice Festival like in KMS where they had the Justice Coins (as shown above quite sadly…they have a J, yet our version is called Renegades..GG..LOL) and it had really neat prizes like the PINK BEAN CHAIR, YO. Also, there are other cute knickknacks in the store that I plan on getting too like the blue blush, frog hat, and other stuff (You can see them for yourself when we get the patch on the 27th, I just know this from KMS.) I can’t wait to try out the Renegades/Justice shop (I don’t know what to call it…the coins have a freaking J on them… o_o)

(Nothing new here, um; yeah.)

Yup! That’s it for these patch highlights! Totally anticipating the update NOTES. Extra details equals extra fun. Cannot WAIT for Jett! Although I can say for the most part that I might like my Phantom more when they’re out, Jett is still awesome in my opinion. Everyone needs to see the better in things. It’s okay! Seriously; you never know, we might get the pirate revamp in the future~

Alright, bye everyone!

Waru <3~ n_n


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  1. gal says :

    Lol, not bad :) thanks for reviewing.

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