GMS: v.112 – Renegades is almost here!

The countdown is coming to a finish, as the 27th will be the day the first part of MapleStory Renegades’ release. This patch as I have already reviewed will include the GMS-exclusive class known as Jett, Thief-class Revamp, Part-Time Job, and Character Card System! Just a brief overview of what to expect for v.112 (this will be a lot more detailed as soon as the update notes are revealed):

  • GMS-Exclusive Class: Jett – Space Cowgirl Outlaw (Pirate-Based Job): Instead of the pirate revamp, the new skills intended for pirates in that revamped are re-animated and used for this class with an overall alien-laser look. Although the motions of each Jett skill are exactly the same as that of the pirate revamp’s skills, they look entirely different. So give it a chance!  I actually don’t think Jett will be too bad, I’m quite excited. The art work looks so kick ass. :3 And please, don’t let any other negative Maplers convince  you that this class is horrible with all of that ridiculous and childish negativity. This IS basically the pirate revamp, only put aside into a separate class and reanimated~ Stay optimistic! I’m totally making one.
  • Thief-Class Revamp: So like I said, no pirate revamp, just the thief revamp, for now, only. I’ll go into detail for each skill with some videos as we get this but there will be a lot of new skills, and adjustments quite essential to both branches. (Credits to the uploader!~)
  • Part-Time Job: Giving other characters tiny side jobs to automatically do as you play another character. (Mining, etc.)
  • Character Card System: Selection cards that have been implemented to keep track of characters in the Maple World. Cards have special effects that can be mixed and matched to boost all your characters in the same world!
  • New interface for the login/character-selection screen! This looks so much better honestly, it’s so bright and cute!

According to the GMS Renegades teaser site, the last ‘update’ is the 27th, and the expected date for v.112 to be released! Let’s hope this will be a good one everyone; I think it will be. o:

Bye guys!

Waru <3 ~ n_n


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