GMS: v.112 – Scheduled Game Update

EDIT: Please read below for more updates in regards to the patch.

I’ve noticed a great deal of questions, including of my own questions, as to why there is no notice of the official update notes for v.112. They (Nexon) usually post it a day before the patch. I guess the patch may not be tomorrow like everyone thought…the 27th! Instead, based on my personal speculations, I am certain that the patch will initiate as of the 28th because if you read the piece of information presented in the image above, it states ” Log in everyday from 6/28 to 8/7 and receive a Renegades Coin.” That would mean the starting date is the 28th, and these events happen at the start/release of every patch they correspond with. It’s done and obvious. The update notes haven’t been up yet either…we’re getting v.112 on the 28th of June: Thursday! (P.S. They changed the coin to an ‘R’; LOL!)

What a shame, I was so excited. No biggie, a day later than we all thought.


Yes, turns out the patch will be complete as of June 28th, 6:00 AM in the morning PST. Of course, don’t be surprised for some extensions! You guys know the drill… =/

Here’s the official announcement:

We will be performing a scheduled server game update beginning on June 27, 2012. The maintenance will last approximately seven hours.

As the game update has been rescheduled from our previously announced date, we will extend any Cash Shop promotions scheduled to end on June 26 by one day.

Thank you for your patience.

Pacific: 11 PM Wednesday, June 27, 2012 – 6 AM Thursday, June 28, 2012
Eastern: 2 AM – 9 AM Thursday, June 28, 2012

-What will be unavailable-

  • All MapleStory game servers

-Changes and Updates-

  • All Cash Shop promotions scheduled to end on June 26 will be extended to until 11pm, June 27th.
  • Please check back later for the Update Notes and list of resolved and known issues.
 Also, a new post will be made specifically for the Update Notes, so stay tuned for that!

Bye guys!

Waru <3 ~ n_n


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