GMS: Renegades – Phantom Comes July 12th & Jett Guide Coming Soon!

Wow, I’ve got a bit to catch up on. Yes, I have ditched everyone due to my hype over GMS’ latest patch. I’ve been playing my Jett on and off for a while now…I just need 4th job left and I will feel accomplished for now! So anyway, the second part of MapleStory Renegades is going to arrive to GMS on July 12th. Now, this part mainly revolves around Phantom, which, if you have noticed in my previous blog posts, that I am extremely excited for. Phantom, in my opinion, is SO much more better than Jett, and is worth more to me. I’ve prepared a lot more for Phantom than I did for Jett. The interface/style of the class suits me very well and I KNOW for a fact that this is going to be in my top 3 choices of favorite classes. My favorite skill from Phantom is Ultimate Drive…it motivates me to grab 4th job immediately. -drool-

I’d also like to let you guys know that I am almost done making a Jett SP Build that I personally found suitable for myself when I play my Jett. Stay tuned for that, because I’m hoping it will help you all. I understand some frustration among OTHER Maplers when using Jett because the class is exclusive to GMS, and there weren’t any previous guides for it. There are SOME individuals who have already posted guides…but I honestly disagree with most of the order and concentration put into them; essentially why I made my own! But yeah, that should be up, hopefully soon.

By the way, there is a weird glitch on Jetts at the moment. When you equip any kind of two-handed weapon, the core actually unequips itself, even though it should stay on there. And even worse, it wont let anyone re-equip it. A few people have notified Nexon recently about the bug, and I”m hoping it gets fixed soon. I’m only at 3rd job right now, and that issue happened to me, so I can’t re-equip my core. I’ll get the new core at 4th job though. That would REALLY suck if at 4th job, someone equips a two-handed weapon, and can’t re-equip THAT core since it’s the last one…Yikes! Let’s just hope it gets fixed.

Bye for now!

Waru <3~ n_n


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