GMS: Phantom Teaser & Site Revealed!

Good afternoon everyone! So, just recently, as I update you with this, had Nexon posted the official teaser site for Phantom to come in the second part of MapleStory Renegades on July 12th. It’s only one video on the teaser site, but this is really exciting! Phantom, so far, is going to be one of my top classes and I’ve been extremely excited for it’s arrival. Everything about Phantom as a class and even the story as well, interests me. He has great mobility, speed-oriented attacks, balanced-damage (FINALLY, YES, SGSDFKLGMSDKL), and sexy looks…

Anyway, below is the video! Aren’t you guys excited?! I am. 8D

Check out the teaser site here.

Gah, also, I’m so sorry about my falling behind on the Jett SP Build/Guide I promised everyone! It should be up soon. But please note, that the guide will go up to only the 3rd job advancement, because I need a little bit more time to look into 4th job (it isn’t hard everyone…fourth job advancement is practically the easiest to deal with except actually getting all of the skill books you need).

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Bye for now~



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