KMS: The TEMPEST Update – Teaser Revealed & Details!

This is one of the craziest updates I have ever read about. Goodness, when THIS comes to GMS, then you can slap me alive. I honestly didn’t think they’re going to add the things I thought they wouldn’t ever add to the game. The Korean MapleStory ‘Tempest’ Update consists of 5 parts with only 2 that have been revealed:

July 5th: ‘Prelude to the Storm’ – New 3rd & 4th Job Advancement requirements?

July 12th: ‘Choice of Light and Darkness” – Luminous

Moving on…the official teaser was uploaded to YouTube, just recently, with a little twist on the presentation…the animation is quite different; haha!

Here it is; titled “Inkwell’s Tempest Press Conference #1“:

Some highlights to take note of everyone:

  • Luminous, the final hero of the five, is being added. He is a Mage, and utilizes the power of light and dark.


  • The levels required for job advancements have been lowered: 3rd job can now be attained at Lv. 60, and 4th job at Lv. 100.
  • Hint: “Something big for high level players” — MY PREDICTION: FIFTH JOB IS GOING TO BE ADDED. I am only predicting this…take note of that. Then again, could you imagine, EVERY job/class/branch getting 5th job? Wouldn’t that just be too much?! You never know…I’m not going to underestimate Tempest. Also, there would technically be some left over/extra SP since the 4th job advancement is at 100. There’s gotta be 5th job. And if there is, they probably might now update all the classes at once. It might be, for example, first explorers, then heroes, etc etc. In fact, if there is a 5th job, it might not even be that big. It could have like 5 skills and the level limit would still stay at 200. I would die if it was higher than 200…seriously, are you kidding me?

  • A new race/branch is being added to the game, and here is the picture. MY PREDICTION: I think it will be our first evil option in the game. A FIEND or animal-like race. But then again, that sword in his hand…What the heck? No, but for now, I’m going with a fiend race… Don’t forget about the job IDs that were added…in a new faction? They connote a warrior which could be the Black Mage commanders: Magnus and Guwaru (HEHE, WARU…). I wouldn’t be surprised if both Magnus and Guwaru are in fact jobs, that they’d be in the new race. Magnus has horns and wings, and Guwaru is a freaking creature. In fact, it can get even crazier, THEY COULD BE MORPHED INTO ONE…Think about it. Look at this animation (from Max’ Blog with credits to Spadow); if you take a look closely, it looks like Guwaru’s soul or energy is absorbed by Magnus. And if you look at the dark teaser below, he looks half animal/monster with a sword in his hand that looks quite similar to that of Magnus’. Crazy idea guys, but really, could they be combined? LOL, WHATEVER dslgmasklmasdgkm.

  • A new continent is going to be added to the game. (ME: OMGSDKGMDSLKGMSDKL YESSSSS.) I hope it’s something like Ossyria, or Victoria; something massive and explore-able, with tons of quests and rewards, etc. This part is very important to me as a player, because unlike a butt-load of players that just hoard items and boast about damage, the content and adventure of the game is what makes me occupied, and it’s just what makes the game so fun! Additionally, this new continent is going to come with new enemies. I am guessing this is going to be directly related to the Black Mage? A massive extension to the story/background and the new race? Yaaaaaaay! <3 Could it be, that this new continent, will contain the fight-able BLACK MAGE, HIMSELF?!

-Takes a massive breath- …

Goodness, this summer is full of a bazillion update to Maple. And this Tempest update is really crazy. Could you imagine how much more LARGER THE MAPLESTORY FILE WOULD BE TO DOWNLOAD? -screams-

If it’s already nearly 3GB for us in GMS, if they added fifth job, with new equips, skills, new race, new continent, Luminous, and even MORE…plus the stuff that hasn’t even come to GMS too…YIKES!

That’s for now, everyone! I’ll try and add more if I need to.



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