GMS: v.112 – Renegades: Phantom Update Highlights & Important Info YOU Need To Know For Phantom

Hey everyone! So basically, like the first part of Renegades, the second one that brings the hero Phantom, to GMS has a tiny snippet of Update Highlights. Personally, I find these ‘update highlights’ just really lame. =/ And yeah, it’s still called v.112 because Phantom is literally already in the game, it just needs to be made available. For some odd and yet unknown reason, it says that Phantom is coming July 9th? That makes almost no sense at all considering they’ve said it’s on the 12th of July…and in game too. Whatever! The sooner the better; I’ve been REALLY anticipating Phantom…really.

So here are the stupid update highlights…LOL.

This isn’t really what I’d call and update highlight…more like a story highlight. The fixation is the background of everything. And I think based on the videos, we’ve kind of already known this; but it’s okay! Some people need to know.

Some basics  you need to know about Phantom:

  • Phantom is the fourth hero of the five; presented in the story line as  a MALE who deeply admired the Empress of Ereve: Aria.
  • He is of the ‘thief’ faction meaning that he can equip thief equips/armors, etc.
  • His primary weapon is the ‘cane’ and his secondary weapon is a ‘card’ which accentuates his attacks and is essential to Phantom.
  • His home town is Crystal Garden, which is also the area in which you start off in after the cut scene for Phantom.

You’d think after the world alliances we’ve received in the past month, that it signals “We don’t need anymore worlds”; right? I guess that’s not the case. New world: Renegades; I wonder how this is going to go. BUT ANYWAY…on about the release date of Phantom, it really may be the 9th. If you read the event details for the new world above, it has dates starting from the 9th and 10th of June. Oh please…I hope it’s the 9th. I really do..u_u

Please check out the following videos below, for Phantom! These are the cutscenes with REALLY good English voice actors, this time.

See ya later!



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