GMS: Scheduled Game Update, Azwan Teaser & Other News

Hey there everyone! Recently, GMS has been experiencing some horrid difficulties in terms of the main stability of the game; in a variety of ways. Hackers have been on the loose duping, botting, and KILLING (Yeah, I’m serious.) more than ever!

Literally, every channel at LHC right now is dominated with scammers and botting hackers who are charging players to be in a party with them AND to get leeched by their hacking. What has gotten into everyone? THIS ISN’T ONLY YOUR GAME, YOU IDIOTS. This is for everyone…it’s so cute how you think you are going to always control the game the way you like. Although Nexon has recently been awfully lazier than ever, there will hopefully be a stop to this injustice once and for all.

Basically, hackers are like this: S> Leech 50m/hr. And people with a lot of mesos are finding it acceptable to leech. Practically most of the Lv. 200 Phantoms right now are hackers, and many are on their way right now in their 15x and 16x. My Phantom is 127, and I actually worked hard to get where I am now. This is unbelievably ridiculous.

Another thing that has literally ruined, practically my week, is that I lost 700m due to some ass***** selling DUPED permanent NX items from the Surprise Style Boxes. Of course, I had no idea they were duped because I’m merely the purchaser. I bought a Permanent Frog Cape, and a Permanent Magical Herb Teaspoon; both of which turned out to be duped and disappeared within the next 2 hours I logged back onto my character. Literally; 700m in the trash. Although I can assure you all that I am so infuriated; it’s weird because I’m actually calm at the same time. I filed a ticket with hope something can be done about it. Yet, I have to accept whatever is done is done, and that is something for me to learn for the future.

Lastly, in regards to hackers, is the killing situation. Packet editing has led various hackers obtaining skill effects that can kill characters whenever they like. Channel 1 Free Market, and Channel 1 Henesys has been going practically nuts with everyone getting killed by hackers from shops to the spammers outside the rooms. I’m going to back off of Maple until this server maintenance is pulled through. Surprisingly, they called this server maintenance a Game Update? I’m quite unsure why, but could it be that they are re-organizing their hacker protection system? I hope they are going to do that; then they could technically call it a game update because the game has been revised to not allow certain hacks to be done, and of course the fixated stability issues making it somewhat a new version. I don’t know honestly. I doubt it’s Azwan, because that’s just ridiculous…they JUST released the teaser for Azwan (which I will link below!).

So anyway, here is the official notice for this maintenance/game update (I’m confused. Are you serious? They made a notice one time about the difference between a maintenance and a game update, and this one is practically both? What the HELL?!):

We will be performing a scheduled game update beginning on July 17, 2012. The server maintenance will last approximately 5 hours.

Thanks for your patience!

Pacific: 11 PM Tuesday, July 17 – 4 AM Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Eastern: 2 AM – 7 AM Wednesday, July 18, 2012

-What will be unavailable-

  • All MapleStory game servers.

-Changes and Updates-

  • Back-end changes will be made to the game client, which will entail a full version update to v113.
  • Phantom characters stuck in a PvP map will be moved to Henesys.
  • Those Phantom characters affected by the white eyes issue will have their eye color set to violet.
  • Cash Shop items will be extended for players affected by the Phantom white eye issue.
  • Working Pendant of the Spirit (7 Days) will be distributed to each of the merged worlds.
  • Cash Shop specials ending: Functional Pet Equips, Royal Hair and Face Coupons, this week’s Clearance Sale items.
  • Please see the Bug Extermination Report for a list of resolved and known issues.

Also, here is the Bug Extermination Report for July 18th, 2012 (They don’t talk about any hacker-related issues…BECAUSE IT’S CALLED A BUG EXTERMINATION REPORT GUYS…):

The following bugs will be exterminated as of 7/18.

  • [Phantom] Phantom characters can complete NLC Under Attack.
  • Phantom characters stuck in a PvP map will be moved to Henesys.
  • Phantom characters affected by the white eyes issue will have their eye color set to violet.
  • The Pendant of Spirit from the previous merged world gifts does not give extra EXP. A working replacement will be distributed during the maintenance.

  • [Alliance Support] Upon completion of this quest, the you cannot choose a special mastery book to complete the quest
  • The Special Mastery Book from the Renegades shop does not function properly.
  • Jett has no Mastery Books in the Renegades shop.
  • Phantom does not receive the Soaring skill after completing the quest Towards the Sky 2.
  • [Phantom] The Lumiere always sends Phantom to Six Path Crossway on Victoria Island, regardless of the destination chosen.
  • [Phantom] Damage is not properly applied for the skills Carte Blanc and Carte Noir.
  • [Phantom] Current Pirate class skills cannot be stolen.
  • [Enlightening Miracle Cube] When exchanging Enlightening Miracle Cube Shards, a Carved Silver Seal incorrectly is displayed in a text box where an Equip Enhancement Scroll should be displayed.
  • The One-Time Cosmetic Lens (White) cannot be used with Phantom’s default faces.
  • The game crashes to the desktop when equipping all pieces of the Intergalactic set.
  • “Excessively Charming” quest not given when reaching charm Lv. 30.
  • Some characters crash to error code: -2147467261 (invalid pointer) when loading into the game after PIC entry.
  • Numerous characters experience the following: “Trouble logging in?” upon initial PIC entry, then disconnection upon second PIC entry.
  • Several characters have reported having a shortage of Skill Points (SP).
  • [The Silent Crusade] Coco card can’t be obtained.
  • An incorrect message appears in the chat log when using a Royal Hair Coupon.
  • Messages related to Azwan appear in the chat log.
  • (Phantom’s Mysterious Letter) “dead” should be “dear” in one of the text boxes.
  • [Crimsonwood Keep PQ] The sigils in the second section are not unable to be activated.
  • The incorrect date is listed when talking to the Maple Administrator about the Alliance Ring quest. The end date should be July 24.
  • ([Renegades]Challenge Accepted! Clear Monster Park 3 times!) Placeholder TKTKTK text is displayed when you turn the quest in.
  • Some players may experience lag when using the mounts.
  • Elf ears clip through all hats that cover a character’s ears.
  • Mr. Moneybags, the Cursed Knight, Ace of Hearts, Mrs. Bo, Lucia, and Maple Claws are incorrectly listed as being present in certain towns when hovering over town icons on the world map.
  • Some question marks appear in the NPC list when hovering over town icons on the world map.

HOLY CRAP, THAT…Is a large ass list of bugs that have YET to be fixed. Gosh, this isn’t freaking Tespia. Get your act together Nexon; please. I normally don’t lash out like that, but seriously, come on! D: I wish I could help out with those issues; I’d be on top of them ALL the time.

Moving on from hackers, bugs, and other wads of crap; HERE is the epic teaser released for Azwan. I am really excited for this last part of the Renegades update for the main reason that I want somewhere new to explore and interact with in the game that is NOT a new class, but a new area/region. The gameplay looks fun and full of mobs…yay!

In other news, I just wanted to make an apology for my extremely disrespectful absence from my blog and promises to make videos about Phantom and what not. All of these recent issues in GMS have created unbearable inconveniences to shoot a video in-game. Yet, I will still try my best. My Phantom is currently 4th job-advanced; so there is more to show and talk about. Please bare with me; it happens sometimes. Thanks in advance everyone!

Bye for now!



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