GMS: v.114 – Fight For Azwan UPDATE NOTES!

Here they are everyone! This game update is scheduled to go live on the 24th of July, and I’m so excited! This is a great refreshment for Maplers who have been looking for something to do in terms of traveling, fighting, or just a new area in general. I have been quite bored, and this is so interactive, fun, and just crazy-all-over-the-place. In addition to Azwan, a couple summer events will be taking place just for kicks, and a LOT of bugs/issues have been resolved! (At least that’s what they say; let’s hope so!)

New Content



Azwan is an ancient underground city beneath the Nihal Desert. It was recently rediscovered by the Cygnus Knights following the attempt by its leader, Hilla, to usurp Empress Cygnus’ throne.

Hundreds of years ago, Azwan was a beautiful and thriving metropolis. One of its chief shamanesses, the beautiful and powerful Hilla, craved more power and betrayed her city to become a commander under the Black Mage, in exchange for eternal power, youth, and beauty. She took control of Azwan and used necromancy to revive its dead population as minions in her army. She lined the city with giant, magical totems to recapture the souls of her fallen forces so they may be reanimated again.

The obelisk that serves as the entrance to Azwan has recently reappeared in the desert and has come under investigation by the Cygnus Knights. Intrepid adventurers can join the fight, leading forces from Ereve in their battle to defeat Hilla’s army and free the enslaved souls of the citizens of Azwan.

General Info

  • If you are Lv.40 or above, select Fight for Azwan from a Dimensional Mirror, located in most towns.
  • Characters will be sent to a channel based on their levels.
  • There are four level tiers: Lv.40-79, Lv.80-119, Lv.120-159, and Lv.160-200.
  • There are four modes: Occupy, Attack, Defend, and Supply.
  • The first three modes have four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell.
  • In the first three modes, Cygnus monster minions will spawn to help you.
  • Higher difficulty levels feature more powerful monsters in greater numbers, but you’ll earn more Honor EXP and Azwan coins if you are victorious.
  • The strength and number of monsters you face in solo mode are lower than party mode, since you won’t have teammates to back you up.

Modes: Occupy and Attack

  • These modes focus on a tower assault strategy.
  • Stop enemies from progressing left.
  • Destroy the Guardian Tower on the right to win.
  • If enemies reach the left side, the Guardian Tower will recover HP.
  • The Owl Tower drops rocks on you for massive damage. These rocks deal damage without regard to any avoidability or invulnerabilities you might have, so try to take cover while they hover in the air for a moment before dropping.
  • The Guardian Tower uses two powerful beam attacks that will deal damage without regard for any avoidability or invulnerabilities you might have.
  • You can use your Cygnus minions as shields in this situation; if they’re nearby, they’ll take the brunt of the blast instead of you.
  • Watch out for stone statues that drop onto the floor as this means the Guardian Tower is about to use its super attack.
  • Hilla’s Monster Guardian will appear at an altar in Hard and Hell modes to make things more difficult for you.
  • Avoid pentacles on the ground when it uses its storm cloud attack.
  • There are some differences between the Occupy mode altars and the Attack mode altars:
    • Altars in Occupy mode have a wider attack range than the ones in Attack mode.
    • Altars in Attack mode have an additional skill that recovers the Guardian Tower’s HP.

Mode: Defense

  • This mode focuses on a tower defense strategy.
  • Prevent the Cygnus Faith Stone from being destroyed, or you will lose the round.
  • There are two strategies to win: Smash all of the ballistae, or protect the Cygnus Faith Stone until time runs out.
  • When you see a message saying that a ballista has appeared, keep a look out for a red dot on the platforms. This is where the ballista will appear.
  • You have a limited amount of time to react before a ballista fires a volley. This is shown in a bar that fills up in the HUD that displays how many ballistae are left.
  • The ballistae launch faster and do more damage to the Cygnus Faith Stone in higher difficulty levels.

Mode: Supply

  • This area functions much like a normal hunting mini dungeon.
  • There’s no difficulty option for this mode.
  • If you accept the quest for Supply Mode from Longorias, you will see the monsters drop Azwan Supply Boxes if you are in this mode between 2 PM and 8 PM Pacific time.
  • Once you collect 100 of the boxes, use the portal within the map to visit Longorias and complete the quest, which is repeatable daily.

Coins and Shops

  • You can collect up to 150 coins per day by competing in the various modes.
  • You can pick up your coins from NPC Woodwan in the Azwan Refuge Zone.
  • There are two types of coins:
    • Conqueror’s Coins can be obtained by clearing difficultied modes. They’re the most common Azwan currency. You can also buy 9 of them for 1 Emperor’s Coin through shop NPC Popodom in the Azwan Refuge Zone.
    • Emperor’s Coins can be obtained by clearing modes in Hard difficulty. They’re used to purchase rare Azwan items. You can also buy 1 of them for 11 Conqueror’s Coins through Popodom.
  • Coins can be exchanged for unique Azwan scrolls, Circulators to randomly change your Inner Abilities, and other items.
  • Azwan scrolls can raise your equipment stats quicker than regular scrolls, but they cost more upgrade slots to use.
  • Jean Pierre’s wares changes regularly as you rack up victories in Azwan, but they will be reset to mirror Popodom’s offerings when you log out. Popodom’s wares don’t change.
  • You might be able to find special recipes and new Emperor equips for sale from Jean Pierre.

Honor EXP

  • You can earn Honor EXP from 2pm to 8pm Pacific (5pm – 11pm Eastern) each day by winning battles.
  • Inner Abilities unlock as you raise your Honor level. You gain one Inner Ability at Honor Lv.2, a second at Honor Lv.30, and a third at Honor Lv.70.
  • Inner Abilities are like potentials applied directly to you instead of your equipment.
  • For every 10 Honor levels reached, you can obtain a higher ranking Circulator from the Azwan merchants.
  • A Circulator can be used to reset all Inner Abilities. You’ll get better results from using higher ranking Circulators.
  • You can view your Honor level, Honor EXP, and Inner Abilities in the character stat menu.

Maple BigWigs

Our most loyal players have been designated as Maple BigWigs and will be given exclusive gifts, as well as the opportunity to give special gifts to others.

  • If you’ve been identified as a Maple BigWig, you will receive a pop-up message from the Maple Administrator NPC upon login. Click Yes when talking to her to accept the items on your current character. Click No if you want to accept the items on another character.
  • After clicking Yes, a quest will be enabled through the event notifier on the left side of your screen. After accepting the quest, you can complete it through the Maple Administrator, after which your gifts will be made available to you.
  • All BigWig gifts are untradeable.
  • BigWigs can accept their rewards on only one character on their account, so choose carefully! Gifts:
  • Blessing of Greatness x3: Double-click this to send special gifts to your friends! This gift box expires in 30 days if it isn’t sent.
  • Maple BigWig chair.
  • Maple BigWig medal: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +7, Max HP/MP +350, Speed/Jump +5.
  • EXP Coupon: Gives 1.2x EXP for 30 days.
  • Maple Point Coupon: Double-click it to receive 1000 Maple Points. This coupon expires in 30 day if it isn’t used.

Blessing of Greatness and Symbol of Adoration

  • Double-click the Blessing of Greatness box to send someone a message and a Symbol of Adoration.
  • If the player who was sent a gift relogs, the Symbol of Adoration will automatically appear in their inventory and a message will be received.
  • Upon replying to the BigWig who sent the gift, the player will receive:
    • Jump Start Character Coupon: Allows you to create a Lv.50 Dual Blade.
    • EXP Coupon: Gives 1.2x EXP for 30 days.
    • Maple Point Coupon: Double-click it to receive 1000 Maple Points. This coupon expires in 30 day if it isn’t used.
  • Double-click the Symbol of Adoration to send a reply and a You’re Great Gift Box to the BigWig that sent you the gift.
  • If the BigWig who was sent the gift box relogs, the You’re Great Gift Box will automatically appear in their inventory and a message will be received. Double-click the gift box to receive a Maple Point Coupon. Double-click the coupon to receive 1000 Maple Points.

Updated Content


  • Several of Phantom skill names have been updated, with special thanks to Francophone forum member Maryse.
  • The quest “Treasure, and Crocell the demon” has been enabled for Jett characters Lv.18-40.
  • The quest “Catch Valefor!” has been enabled for Phantom characters Lv.18-40.
  • The quest “For the peace of Victoria Island…” has been enabled for Jett and Phantom characters Lv.26-40.
  • Extra animations have been added for the wand and staff versions of the Boleadoras.

New Events

Summer Event: It’s Time to Take Back the Cold!

July 25 – August 8

  • Requirement: Character Lv. 10 or above
  • Talk to Cassandra in town or through the event notifier on the left side of the screen to start the quest.
  • Hunt monsters around your level – the monsters must be above Lv.10.
  • The monsters will have a chance to drop Ice Chests.
  • Double-click an Ice Chest in your inventory to open it and receive a random reward
  • All rewards are untradeable except for the scrolls, which can be moved between characters on the same account in the same world.


  • Super Summer Goggles (eye accessory): REQ LV: 50, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, Weapon/Magic ATT: 1, Weapon/Magic DEF: 50, 3 upgrade slots (unhammered).
  • Use items that give Trait EXP or restore HP.
  • Pink Flower Tube Coupons (expire after 10 days if unused): Double-click to receive a random Pink Flower Tube weapon. The coupons must be used by August 7.
  • Pink Flower Tube weapons (expire after 7 days)
    • All Weapons: REQ LV: 50, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, ACC +5 (except bow and crossbow), 7 upgrade slots (unhammered)
    • Bow: Weapon ATT: 85, Speed +5, Knockback rate: 36%, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Cane: Weapon ATT: 88, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Claw: Weapon ATT: 38, AVOID +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Crossbow: Weapon ATT: 88, Speed +5, Knockback rate: 36%, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Dagger: Weapon ATT: 88, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Dual bowguns: Weapon ATT: 85, Speed +5, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Hand cannon: Weapon ATT: 92, Weapon DEF: 36, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Normal
    • Gun: Weapon ATT: 67, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Knuckle: Weapon ATT: 67, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • One-handed axe: Weapon ATT: 88, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • One-handed mace: Weapon ATT: 88, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • One-handed sword: Weapon ATT: 88, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Pole arm: Weapon ATT: 90, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Spear: Weapon ATT: 90, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Two-handed axe: Weapon ATT: 90, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Two-handed mace: Weapon ATT: 90, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
    • Two-handed sword: Weapon ATT: 90, ACC +5, ATT Speed: Fast
  • Pink Flower Tube Scrolls for your pink flower tube weapons.
    • One-Handed Weapon for ATT: STR/INT/DEX/LUK +3, Weapon ATT +5, ACC +5, Success chance: 20%
    • Two-Handed Weapon for ATT: STR/INT/DEX/LUK +3, Weapon ATT +5, ACC +5, Success chance: 20%
    • One-Handed Weapon for Magic ATT: STR/INT/DEX/LUK +3, Magic ATT +5, ACC +5, Success chance: 20%
    • Popsicle face accessories (REQ LV: 10, expire after 3 days)
    • Chocolate: STR/INT/DEX/LUK +3
    • Melon: Speed +10
    • Strawberry: Weapon/Magic ATT +5
    • Watermelon: Jump +10

Summer event: Super Summer Surfboards

July 25 – August 8

  • Hunt monsters around your level – the monsters must be above Lv.10.
  • The monsters will have a chance to drop Surfboard weapons.
  • Five different types of surfboards can be obtained:
    • All Weapons: 7 upgrade slots (unhammered), tradeable, can be equipped by most jobs
    • Super Summer Red Surfboard: REQ LV: 35, ATT Speed: Slow, Weapon ATT: 62, Speed +5
    • Super Summer Surfboard: REQ LV: 50, ATT Speed: Slow, Weapon ATT: 77, Jump +5
    • Super Summer Green Surfboard: REQ LV: 65, ATT Speed: Normal, Weapon ATT: 87, Speed +5
    • Super Summer Sky Blue Surfboard: REQ LV: 80, ATT Speed: Normal, Weapon ATT: 95, Speed +5
    • Super Summer Green Surfboard: REQ LV: 95, ATT Speed: Fast, Weapon ATT: 102, Speed +5

This whole Maple BigWig thing is making me anxious. Is this supposed to be for those “loyal” players that spend thousands on NX? It makes me overly-curious and I want to know. Those rewards are pretty useful from my perspective, and it seems really neat. I’m sure there is something nx-involved… =/

Also, those surfboards for the summer events seem pretty neat. Fast, 102 WATT at Lv. 95; pretty useful for my Aran…

So, in addition to the update notes, below are the resolved fixes and currently known issues going on. Check them out!

The following bugs will be exterminated as of 7/25.

  • A fix has been applied to the permanent demon pets not responding to commands.
  • A fix has been applied to non-functioning Corsair and Buccanner mastery books.
  • Jett receives the quest “An Arrangement from the goddess” at Lv.200.
  • Jett can receive the quest to obtain Silver Mane after meeting the requirements.
  • Graphical bugs with the Cute Boy hairstyle have been fixed.
  • “Nautilus” is spelled correctly in the quest log.
  • Mastery books for Jett have been added to the Renegades shop.
  • Phantom receives the Soaring skill upon completing the quest Towards the Sky 2.
  • Phantom arrives in the correct location when deboarding the Lumiere.
  • The One-Time Cosmetic Lens (White) can be used with Phantom’s default faces.
  • [Phantom] “Rapier Wit” is listed correctly in the description for Penombre.
  • The Equip Enhancement Scroll is now listed correctly in the exchange rewards for Enlightening Miracle Cube Shards where a Carved Silver Seal had incorrectly been displayed.
  • The game no longer crashes when equipping all pieces of the Intergalactic set.
  • The “Excessively Charming” quest is available when reaching charm Lv. 30 when you are 2nd job or higher.
  • [The Silent Crusade] Coco card can be obtained upon completion of the quest to defeat Coco.
  • The incorrect message that appeared in the chat log when using a Royal Hair Coupon has been removed.
  • The Lumiere name appears correctly on its area map.
  • The Dead Mine is labeled correctly in its area map.
  • The following which were appearing incorrectly in the NPC lists for some towns have been removed: Mr. Moneybags, the Cursed Knight, Ace of Hearts, Mrs. Bo, Lucia, Maple Claws, and question marks.
  • The quest “Catch Valefor!” is available to Phantom characters Lv.18-40.
  • The quest “Treasure, and Crocell the Demon” is available to Jett characters Lv.18-40.
  • Defunct skill/mastery books can be exchanged through the Maple Administrator NPC.
  • [Alliance Support] You can choose and receive a special mastery book when completing the quest.
  • ([Renegades]Challenge Accepted! Clear Monster Park 3 times!) Placeholder text is no longer displayed when you turn the quest in.
  • A fix has been applied for players unable to progress further in the Ancient Artifact Hunt.
  • [Crimsonwood Keep PQ] The sigils can be activated.

  • [Thunder Breaker] The Dash skill does not function correctly.
  • [Phantom] “Brise Carte” should be “Carte Blanc” in the skill description for Rapier Wit.
  • There are graphical issues with the Exotica male hairstyles.
  • The Special Mastery Book from the Renegades shop does not function properly.
  • [Phantom] Damage is not properly applied for the skills Carte Blanc and Carte Noir.
  • [Phantom] Current Pirate class skills cannot be stolen.
  • Some characters crash to error code: -2147467261 (invalid pointer) when loading into the game after PIC entry.
  • Numerous characters experience the following: “Trouble logging in?” upon initial PIC entry, then disconnection upon second PIC entry.
  • Several characters have reported having a shortage of Skill Points (SP).
  • Some players may experience lag when using the mounts.
  • Elf ears clip through all hats that cover a character’s ears.

So that’s it for now everyone. I’ve got a couple of videos coming up soon; one for Phantom, and a surprisish-crazy random one I thought was priceless to upload. Stay tuned! I am so excited to try out Azwan. n_n

See ya!

Waru~ <3


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