GMS: v.115 – MapleStory Mutiny & Some Concerns!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while but I’m here today with some good an bad news. First off; Nexon left a banner depicted “MapleStory Mutiny” with the following message:

We intercepted a covert message between Kerning City and Nautilus Harbor, but it got garbled. [The time has come for P______ and D_____ B_____. ] What does this mean?

Now let’s get down to it! This is going to be the next update for MapleStory (v.115)~

“Rowen” from Nexon stated on the MapleStory forums that the release date of this update is August 8th.

But as of now, it looks like we will be releasing the Private revamp on AUGUST 8th! 

Isn’t that great? But additionally, we’re getting the revamp for Dual Bladers as well! If you take a look at the message Nexon left when they posted the banner it becomes “The time has come for Pirates and Dual Bladers.” This is obviously the revamp, like, I am not even going to bother explaining that to you. Seriously, it’s obvious. Kerning City…Nautilus Harbor…Pirates, Dual Bladers, etc…

It’s actually quite interesting the way GMS took part in these two updates. KMS had these two updates COMPLETELY separate; literally months apart. I find it impressive that GMS has taken their own spin on those updates and molded them into one juicy update without the time and waiting KMS had. Could it be that GMS is rushing these updates to give us the Tempest update by December/end of the year? Also, I’m lovin’ the name of it; pretty nice. “Maplestory Mutiny”…

Aside from that mumbo jumbo, let’s get straight to what this update’s gonna have. From what I understand, the pirate revamp is merely what KMS got, which you can find below. Dual Bladers,  just the same as well. Since in KMS, the pirate revamp and dual blader revamp was 2 months apart from each other.

I will be posting the changes when the Update Notes are released with a few animations as a ‘preview’ for everyone instead of splurging all the skills in one post. Also, stay tuned for a gameplay video of my Outlaw (3rd job Pirate). Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube and follow my blog for more updates! (:

See ya!

Waru~ <3


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3 responses to “GMS: v.115 – MapleStory Mutiny & Some Concerns!”

  1. Elliecedes says :

    If they rush, we would actually get Tempest BEFORE the end of the year, but the name probably refers to what Pirates would do to Nexon if they pushed the revamp again.

  2. Jas says :

    Excellent info, i love pirate, my Sair and i’m feel so excited with this patch

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