My Re-found Interest In Yu-Gi-Oh!

So a few nights ago I was sitting in front of my T.V. and I got this random rush of nostalgic thoughts flowing in my head about old anime that I used to watch. Yugioh was the first thing that crossed my mind and I remembered about how “in” to it I was, and the coolness of it all; the dueling, the strategies, the decks, etc. I missed those days, so I thought I’d watch Yugioh: The Movie. It was pretty cool to remember and re-watch, and it made me want to start collecting the cards again and making a deck all over again from square one.

Yugioh has always been one of those things where it’s like “Yeah, even though I think I’m done with this game, I’m probably going to end up liking it again.” And it’s true, it really is like that. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but I did take super long breaks. I was so rusty about how the game worked when I decided to get back into it. I re-read the updated rulebook, the list of banned/limited cards, etc. So much has changed. There this new kind of Xyz monster? It’s a bit new to me from that aspect of the game. Even though some of the game’s rules irritate me, I just have to work with it.

The thing that interests me about Yugioh more than anything else about the game is the creativity aspect. You can do so much with the game. The card/deck possibilities are endless; there are so many ways you can personalize your dueling style, strategy, and more. It really bugs me how a lot of players don’t really look deep enough into the game. What I mean by that is, for example, the most popular deck-builds are usually looked at like the only deck builds. Some players never stop and think that there is a lot more to that, and that they can be a little bit more unique than just using the popular and powerful builds out there. I’m sure there are tons of other ways you can be just as powerful and strategic. Plus, it really depends on the kind of personality you have. Some people are the stalling-type of duelist. They love to have tiny monster cards, tokens, and a bazillion annoying trap/spell cards to nibble their way through the duel or to save their but so that they aren’t defeated as easily. There’s also confrontational duelists, where they’re ready to beat the living crap out of you as soon as they get the chance! I also recall manipulative duelists where they like to get their hands on your cards and correspond them into some sort of strategy/plan. And that’s only from my perspective. There’s so much more to that as well. This doesn’t only apply to Yugioh, I’m sure it does to a lot of other strategy games.

But yeah, I’m going to be using the creative aspect of the game as a road map to the competitive side of it. Laying out my favorite cards could help me think of a good way to arrange them into one hell of a deck. Sure, I might lose the first bazillion duels I have, but it’s okay! It’s a way for me to learn and get good at the game.

I’m sure excited to begin my collection, once more and start making a neat deck for myself. Are any of you coming back to the game? New to the game? Leave your thoughts below!

Until next time,



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