GMS: Root Abyss – January 16th!

Words cannot explain how I feel about this announcement. They cannot explain it! Is this even real? YES, IT IS!

So basically Root Abyss, the new content that is JUST NOW coming to Korean MapleStory, and was in China MS Tespia is also coming to GMS at the same time. I remember when I saw videos of gameplay in that region, I went insane. New regions to explore, and content is more important in a game to me, than anything! I always love to explore and check things out with my friends, so this is a huge plus for me. The bosses look so cool, and I could only imagine the rewards you can get out of it. It sounds really fun and I’m excited. The teaser website is out, and you can visit it as here. Keep reading for some amazing rewards and details to this update.

Apparently, GMS is grouping Root Abyss with our Tempest update. Kind of a lolwut moment, but okay. Anyway, it’s so interesting that we’re getting Root Abyss, and KMS is testing it in Tespia at the same time. And oddly enough, they get it a day after us! If this is a new style, where we get the same stuff at the same time as KMS, please, I’m all for it! Haha, although that’s probably not true. More importantly, Root Abyss comes with the new Lv. 150 equipment set! It’s going to be so freaking awesome. It’s going to be so interesting watching the Empress equipment fall in price. I have this feeling that the Lv. 150 equipment will be easier to get than Empress equips.

On another shocking note, this update of Root Abyss has much to do with the story of MapleStory which I’ll cover as we progress deeper into this update~ Anyway, YAY FOR ROOT ABYSS!

Stay pixelated,



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2 responses to “GMS: Root Abyss – January 16th!”

  1. Kevin says :

    Looking forward to it. Is this part of the Unlimited patch? Anxiously waiting for hyper skills……………..

    • Waru says :

      For KMS, it’s part of the Unlimited patch.
      In GMS, it’s part of Tempest I guess; if you take a look at the teaser site it shows the Tempest logo. Although, I’m not sure why they’re doing it this way, but we’ll find out as soon as more updates come.

      And yeah, hyper skills for adventurers, resistance, etc have yet to come! >:

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