KMS: Cygnus Returns – Cygnus Knights Revamp, New Level Cap, & More!

Cygnus Returns is the new mega-patch to hit KMS soon~ Following the Unlimited update, this new update is packed with some insane changes. These changes are only a taste of what we know so far, and there’s still more to come!

So obviously, as you can tell from the update title: Cygnus Returns, this update will mainly revolve around the complete revamp of Cygnus Knights. The revamp will consist of five parts, with each patch complementing a revamp for each Cygnus Knight. Check out the trailer below!

The first part of Cygnus Returns, as shown in KMST 1.2.467, will be for Striker (or Thunder Breaker as we call it in GMS -_-).

Here are some key things you should keep in mind about this update. The newly revamped Striker/Thunder Breaker:

  • They utilize an all new system called the “chain system”. This allows them to link their skills to attack faster/lessening their delay.
  • They are  able to reach the level cap.
  • All of their skills are completely revamped with new animations. They’re really cool, especially the active Hyper Skill (see below).

Let’s move on on what’s to come after the Striker part of the Cygnus Returns update! So after Striker’s revamp, comes some insane changes: INCREASED LEVEL CAP & INCREASED MESO CAP!

This is unbelievably phenomenal, it’s finally come true. It’s something that has crossed millions of Mapler minds: Will the level cap always be 200? And the answer was no! A new challenge has been born! The new level cap is 250, so get ready everyone! Just when I thought I was done with my main…I guess 50 more levels to go! e__e

The mesos cap has been increased as well. A single character can now hold up to 9,999,999,999 mesos. You can also trade that much, sell an item in your store, and have that much in your storage.

Lastly, the Lv. 150 equipment set for Root Abyss will be coming soon, and I’ll add images as soon as I get the chance. As far as this update goes from what I know, the next Cygnus Knight due for an update is the Wind Archer. This update is really awesome, and I think this will be one of my favorites; for sure.

Until next time!



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