TERA Online Goes F2P!

This is so awesome, I can’t believe it (although I was expecting it…?) En Masse Entertainment has decided to finally join the foreign versions of TERA in making it free-to-play! Starting February 5th, 2013; this change will go into affect — the game will be subscription-free! On top of that, this new change will also come with some content changes. The new free to play TERA is now TERA Rising as it is also a patch/update. Read on for more information about this~

Moreover, this patch along with the new ‘free-to-play’ announcement, includes the following:

On February 5, players can choose from five servers:

  • Mount Tyrannas (PvP)
  • Lake of Tears (PvP)—new!
  • Tempest Reach (PvE)
  • Ascension Valley (PvE)—new!
  • Celestial Hills (PvE roleplay)

Additionally, there will be all-new content which includes a competitive dungeon, a new player-versus-player arena, and two new high level factions!

Check out the trailer for this update/change to TERA~

I’m so freaking excited, I just cannot wait to play! This is a no-miss~

TERA’s graphics are simply stunning, and skill-based combat system is amazingly unique. I’ll talk more about TERA in due time.

Until then,



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