Join My New Gaming Forums!

Hey there everyone. I have officially launched my brand new forums. So, what ARE these forums, you ask? Well, me and my guildies in Maple wanted to find a better way to get more people to join our guild, and we wanted a more organized way to keep in touch! So I thought, why not open a forum for all of this? That way, we can talk about practically anything, become closer as a guild, plan things better for nicer boss runs, events, and more. However, this forum is not only for my guild! I’m welcoming all of you to join and discuss Maple, and other gaming to your hearts desire.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I join YOUR forum? There’s tons more out there with more people.”

I’m well aware of that, but there’s just one thing I’ve gotta tell you. Some Maplers enjoy a tighter community with a more relaxed feel. We’re still new, so if you want to stick with us until we can grow, that’s awesome! If not, you’re going to miss out. I have much planned for this forum so there is much more to be expected. In time, it will be very awesome. But every new forum/site needs a beginning, and we’re in our baby-steps phase right now.

Give it a try and introduce yourselves at .

Until next time,



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