Hayato & Kanna to come to GMS?

Yup! You heard it right, folks. I’m literally shaking at the news of this AND the evidence, actually. The patch data for v.128 includes English translations and pictures for Hayato and Kanna. Does this mean that the jMS exclusive classes will come to GMS? I’m sure it does, and I’m pretty damn excited about it! Keep reading for a few more details on this craziness.

I remember reading something about a Q&A with Nexon one time, and someone asked about Kanna, and one of the GMs replied and said “That’s a secret.” At first I was completely skeptic, but now…I AM WAY TOO EXCITED. When Hayato came to JMS, I was going insane at how much I liked the class and wished it could come to GMS, and everyone around me was like “Yeah…riiiight, because GMS is totally going to release content that was exclusive to JMS.” Well, I guess they are!

The patch data for GMS v.128 included translated buttons for creating Hayato and Kanna as you can see:

Additionally (with credit to Fiel from Southperry), the patch data also had descriptions for a new Lv. 150 set (different from the one that just came to KMS), and the set names were obviously Japanese-style with titles like the Amaterasu Set, Oyamatsumi Set, Ame-no-Uzume Set, Tsukuyomi Set, and Susano-o Set.

If you recall, in JMS, the update that had Hayato and Kanna was called the Sengoku Era. It’s starting to make clear sense now; GMS is going to prepare for a patch with Hayato and Kanna and I’m 100% sure of it. It’s no mistake that they’d just throw in data or pictures for these two classes. It surely was not on accident since they actually took the effort to translate it. I’d also like to point out that I have a feeling they are going to come very soon. Why very soon? Well, if they were planning to release Hayato and Kanna a lot later this year, they wouldn’t have thrown in this stuff into the data just yet. This obviously means something is coming, but we’ll have to wait and see and this is merely my personal speculation (as evident as it should already be to you all). This is unbelievably exciting for me, as far as Maple goes. To me, Hayato > everything. Even though my main is an Aran, who I truly love; once Hayato comes out, he will be my next serious project. What are YOUR thoughts on this? n_n

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2 responses to “Hayato & Kanna to come to GMS?”

  1. Hosakata says :

    its confirmed that kanna is coming and hayato will probably follow….i guess gms is screwing with hayato’s cheap moves and “balancing” them

    • Waru says :

      Yeah, she’s coming on the 27th of February in my latest post! Also, I’m 100% sure Hayato will also come after here since he had translated files in v.128 as well; plus it wouldn’t make much sense for him not to come with Kanna…

      Also, I hope they don’t play with Hayato! His playstyle is amazing. I’m really looking forward to his arrival. n_n

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