KMST: 1.2.471 – Wind Breaker

The second part of the Cygnus Returns reorganization has arrived to KMST (1.2.471). In this patch, Wind Breaker (Wind Archer in GMS) has been revamped; entirely with new skills and of course the capability of reaching the level cap (as will all revamped Cygnus Knights be able to) which was recently changed to Lv. 250! This patch is so pretty and I instantly fell in love with the new Wind Breaker x100 times over the Striker. All the pretty fairy skills…ugh. But yeah, keep reading for some highlights about the new Wind Breaker!

Alright, so with the new Wind Breaker/ Wind Archer; you should know the following:

  • Just like Strikers, they get a Link Skill.
  • They are now able to reach the new level cap just like everyone else, which is Level 250.
  • None of the Cygnus Knights require mastery books for 4th Job skills. Isn’t that freaking awesome?!

They’ve got some extremely pretty fairy-ish skills. Although, SOME of them do remind me a lot of Mercedes, but that’s okay. It’s still cool looking; a lot better than the revamped Striker in my opinion.

Check some of these out:

That’s a second job skill for Wind Breaker called ‘Fairy Turn’.

This is a third job skill called ‘Dance of Frozen Wind’.

Lastly, this is the hyper skill for the Wind Breaker! It’s SO COOL. AHHHH. ;w;

But yeah, that’s the new Wind Breaker! I’ll throw in a few videos here and there if I come back to this post, but enjoy for now!




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