GMS: v.129 – Mark of Honor: Kanna Update Highlights!

Oh my goodness! The next big update arriving to GMS has been revealed and it’s titled: Mark of Honor. This is so exciting, and on top of that, it has been revealed that the first part of this will be on February 27th. The first patch for this update will include the release of Kanna. Kanna, the Spirit Walker, is a mage-oriented class with really sick moves. She (and Hayato) were originally exclusive to jMS but now GMS is releasing her. On top of her release for the first part of Mark of Honor, there is a new expansion to Mushroom Shrine called Momijigaoka! Keep on reading for the full Update Highlights~

Ooh, that Sengoku shop looks nice. I’m totally looking forward to trying this class out. It’ll be nice, I’m sure. Gosh, this update is making my feels go off the charts! It’s always been sort of a dream to have Kanna or Hayato to come to GMS. It’s actually happening! On top of that we’re getting the full package of content like the maps, monsters, etc. Evidently, since this is only the first patch for Mark of Honor (GMS’ version of Sengoku Era), that probably means that Hayato is the next patch after this! I’m looking forward to Hayato more than ANYTHING.

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