GMS: v.131 – Mark of Honor: Hayato Update Highlights!

I am so excited that I can’t even put it into words for this part of Mark of Honor. I have been awaiting Hayato’s arrival for quite some time now. I literally cannot explain how exciting this is for me. Anyway, forget about me; the update notes are up! I had a feeling this update would come on the 13th since Hayato’s events start on the 13th (duh). So on top of Hayato’s emergence; a new boss will be released known as Mori Ranmaru which you can get the Lv. 150 Japanese Myth set equips from. Check out the update highlights in the rest of this post~

This is going to be so exciting! Since my main guy (my Aran) is pretty much endgame’d, I can find a new (and serious) adventure! Hayato is definitely THE project for me; that is, when he arrives on the 13th of March. Although, as soon as he arrives  back to JMS, I will take him more seriously there. I will talk to you all more about me and JMS when the time comes.

I hope you guys are enjoying Kanna right now. She’s actually a VERY fun class; fast, flashy, and mobile~ I haven’t gotten bored of playing her yet.

Until next time,

Waru // ワルー


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