GMS: ‘Unleashed’ Update Revealed!

Well, it’s definitely been a while since I last talked about MapleStory, but here I am again. The next update coming to GMS has been revealed and it’s the ‘Unleashed’ update. I suppose this would be our version of KMS’ Unlimited. This update will hit GMS through Part 1, on June 19th. Unleashed is composed of 3 patches with the first mainly involving interface and function changes which I’ll go over later on in this post. The second and third are class additions which are Xenon and Demon Avenger as most of you have already seen in KMS.

Let me start off by saying that the name for this update makes 10x more sense than what KMS labeled as “Unlimited’. Unleashed definitely seems more realistic as new classes, content, and features are essentially being…well…unleashed. Additionally, the teaser site for this update looks really cool.

So, the first patch (of three) in this update comes June 19th. This patch appears to serve the game the most and reflects the idea of this update the most.


  • New Level Cap
    • Cap raised to 250.

  • New High-Level Content
    • Twilight (Future) Perion
    • New Monster Park Zone
    • 2 New Theme Dungeons
    • Revamped Malaysia & Singapore regions.

  • Revamped Interface
    • View inventory, equiment, and character stats in one window.
    • Auto-sort scrolls.
    • Add multiple points (at once) to stats/skills.
    • Revamped UI.

I’m super excited for the new level cap to be quite honest. After I reached 200, I was lacking motivation to actually play and was always looking for something fun to do. Now, I have 50 more levels to work towards! And to make that even better, there’s tons of new high-level content to accommodate my journey. As far as the revamped interface goes, it’s really comes down to “I love it.” or “I absolutely hate it.” Whether you hate it or not, you’ll have to get used to it. I like game changes, and having a newly polished UI to stare at will make everything a bit more interesting (in my opinion). Oh, and please don’t use the whole nostalgia deal as an argument for this change. It’s not nostalgic until it’s gone (or part of the past).

I can’t wait to slice and dice on my Aran when this update hits GMS on the 19th. I wonder how many events will sugar coat all of this content…

The next two patches that follow the first patch of Unleashed will be the arrival of the new classes Xenon (July 3rd) and Demon Avenger (July 24th).

Excited for this? I sure am. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a summary-sort of video as soon as the patch arrives.

Until next time,



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