Coming Soon: MapleStory RED

I’m sure many have already heard; however, KMS is bringing one of the biggest updates ever! It’s called MapleStory RED, and that stands for Revolution, Evolution, and Delight. I’m not quite sure why they chose those three words in particular, but that’s what it stands for. This update is bringing some very intricate changes to Maple that will truly establish some real change. Adventurers will receive a full (from top to bottom) revamp. Even aesthetically, they will be distinguished. A new class will arrive in part two of RED, called the Zero class. This will be MapleStory’s first dual-persona class. And lastly, a new world will be revealed with one hell of a boss to fight against (definitely not alone). Continue on for the details on MapleStory RED!

MapleStory RED Trailer:

July 4th: 1st Impact

On July 4th, the first patch which is called the “1st Impact” will cover the whole revamp of the adventurers as well as a few game system additions that are related to this revamp. Every single adventurer will receive an update that literally covers the whole class’ functionality including skill revamps/additions. On top of that, Dual Bladers and Cannon Shooters are no longer considered Special Adventurers. They are now an official part of the Adventurers.

Additionally, the Free Advancement system will be released with this patch. As a 4th job adventurer only, you are able to switch classes within  your main class (i.e. Mages, Warriors, etc) to a different branch. For example, if you’re an Arch F/P mage, then you’re able to change to either an I/L or Bishop. I found this system so cool and convenient for beneficial reasons and if you’re bored of the branch that you’re playing. Of course, this has a cost of either mesos or free advancement coins.

The profession/crafting system in this first part of RED will be majorly revamped. On top of that, cubes, scrolls, and flames of reincarnation will be able craft-able!

Now, this last part of the first patch is really cool. Something called ‘Mileage’ will be integrated into MapleStory. You can earn Mileage by bossing, and playing party quests or anything that has to do with challenging the game’s content. You can use Mileage to purchase Cash Shop items.

July 18th: Child Of God

This 2nd part of RED showcases the new class Zero — MapleStory’s first dual character. This means that you are playing a class featuring two characters. Zero consists of Zero Alpha and Zero Beta who fight side by side and are both emphasized on as one in the story-line. One specializes in attack while the other specializes in defense. Additionally, this is a warrior-type class if it isn’t obvious enough. Interestingly, this class starts at Lv. 100 instead of 1 like the other classes. It’s a major head start. But quite honestly, with the level cap being at 250, it isn’t even a big deal at all. You can play Zero as a tag team or as an assist type. I personally think ‘tag’ would be much more fun. I’m 100% sure this class will be super powerful. There’s obviously going to be some insane damage with one character fueling the other, and vice versa.

This class, Zero, is a heavy part of the MapleStory storyline. Rhine, the goddess, makes Zero to become the next transcendent of time. However, Zero is trapped inside the Mirror World and must escape to take on his destiny as the Transcendent of Time. The Black Mage has much to do with this conflict. When playing this class, you grow with the story as you progress with your character. The Mirror World is also a new world coming to MapleStory as well which is sort of a different dimension of the MapleWorld featuring some of the same places with additions (extra towns).

Here is the trailer for Child of God. Credits for the upload go to Spadow:

Lastly, the auction system will be integrated in this second part of RED.

August 1st: Critias

This last part of RED features a new continent of Critias which apparently contains the Black Mage who is hidden away. Super powerful monsters and the storyline on this continent are mainly for high level players.

The truly amazing part about Critias is that this is the first area in the history of MapleStory where all players from all worlds can join together in this continent and play with one another. I cannot wait to indulge in this when it is released!

Although the link between worlds is pretty cool, I must say that the coolest part of this continent is the supersized monster that is in it. This soon-to-come boss is the first boss that literally requires 100 layers who are to help each other to defeat it. I can’t even imagine how powerful this guy is. I love how PvE-oriented this update is. I cannot wait for this…seriously. It’s going to be so epic to see 100 Maplers clashing at one gigantic boss emerging from the sky.

Another new PvP sytem will be integrated where you can become a monster and fight against a player. I wonder what the benefits and rewards are out of a feature like this. It will  certainly be interested to watch a Mapler fight against you as a boss, per say.

A feature called Battle Monster League, in this last part of RED, allows you to capture monsters and make them a part of your monster deck where you can use them to fight against other Maplers.

Are you excited for this? I feel like this update is a change like no-other! New storyline content, insane PvE integration, super revamps, etc…it’s just so awesome.

Until next time,



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