Surface RT vs iPad: Evaluating The Competition

For those who are into tablets, I’m sure you have recently noticed the competition between Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet and Apple’s popular iPad. A recent ad from Mircosoft is dynamically suggesting the Surface RT’s superiority over the iPad through a few comedic approaches shown in the commercial. Let’s go through them and fully understand what exactly is it we’re looking at when examining both sides of these tablets.

Microsoft’s Surface RT vs iPad Ad

I have noticed a rather consistently negligent behavior among the fans of different products when it come to defending them and here’s what I have to say to that. Using iPad fans as an example in this case:

Just because the Surface RT doesn’t work the same way (in terms of interface and functionality) as the iPad, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not at par or worse than the iPad. That’s a super poor way of defending the product you favor. Something for everyone to remember is that products from different companies all are known for a certain something, whether it’s beautiful aesthetics, a simple interface, or all of it – it isn’t always going to be the same. When looking at new technology, you need to break things down to fully get the gist of what products are marketed towards.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m defending Microsoft’s Surface RT because I used iPad fans as an example for the same idea applies vice-versa. In fact, there shouldn’t really be any defending or arguing going on because of this ad to be quite honest with you all. This is a marketing strategy exemplified through a simple, modern, and humorous commercial. Are you happy with your iPad? If you are, then keep on being happy. It’s truly up to you on whether you would like to try the Surface RT or not. Again, the same applies owners of the Surface RT. There is no wrong or right.

Apple’s iPad has been around longer, but that doesn’t mean that new technology can easily surpass it. Longevity of a product’s history is a mediocre aspect when evaluating product vs. product. It’s what’s in the product and who it’s affecting is what matters. Everyone has different uses for different things, and in this case, some users will find the iPad better for their tasks and some will find the Surface RT better for other things. These “tasks” and “things” don’t necessarily have anything to do with what’s going on when using the tablet, for it could have something to do with external features like the grip of the product, the look of it, the extra features on the side, and so on. It’s all about what you want in the end.

On the basis of my opinion, I personally think that the Surface RT, for it’s starting price is not a bad deal at all when you are comparing tablets with similar functionality. I have found the iPad, for myself, to be more on the fancy side than functional. I could easily compare Android tablets (that may surpass or be at par with) not even considering the Surface RT’s existence. Additionally, do not forget that there is a much-upgraded version of the Surface, which would be the Pro version that literally functions as a full PC or laptop with Windows 8. With that being said, you shouldn’t make judgments out of this comparison (iPad vs Surface RT), because you were offended by Microsoft’s ad. Also, if you ever happen to find something in an ad that you deem as ‘untrue’, then tell me something I don’t know. Not everything you see on ads has to necessarily be true for it can be exaggerated or stretched to market a product as much as possible. Look more into it, really. If you’ve never owned an Apple product before or a Microsoft one, you wont really be able to truly know which one better works for you until you try — that is the true answer to this entire competition.


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