MapleStory: Hayato & Kanna Are Getting Hyper Skills!

It has recently been confirmed by TMS (Taiwan) that the Hayato and Kanna classes, once exclusive only through JMS, are finally receiving their corresponding Hyper Skills. However, this news will be exclusive to TMS, only for now. It’s quite probable that JMS will receive it as well, but there can’t be any promises. It’s sort of odd that TMS breaks this news rather than JMS who originally had these two classes. Let me just say that these skills are really…big. Hayato’s is simply awesome, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out against monsters. Kanna’s is cool too but really reminds me of Attack On Titan/SNK. Check out the rest of this post to see the skills!

Hayato’s Hyper Skills:

Additionally, here is a screenshot from TMS’ Facebook page for Hayato’s Hyper Skill:

Kanna’s Hyper Skills:

Once I find an accurate source for the skill levels and details, I will post them in this post. Just something for you to all keep in mind when looking at this: we cannot guarantee this is exactly how the final Hyper Skills for Hayato and Kanna come out for JMS and GMS. JMS may or may not make alterations to this, since they originally released these two classes; they might seek a change in the hyper skills or completely make new ones; we still do not know. However, I feel like these animations will be it because it has the same artistic brushed texture that all of Hayato and Kanna’s skills have (mostly Kanna’s), which is mainly exemplified in Kanna’s hyper skill. I have so much hope for these two classes, as Hayato is pretty much my favorite class along with Aran.

I will keep you all updated with this information once new information is available! Don’t forget to check out my YouTube for new videos.

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  1. vellisle says :

    Amg yes kyojin foot <3

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