GMS: Hayato Glitches & Avoidability/Dodge Rate Issues

Hello everyone. I decided to actually post this, since it has not only gotten on my last nerve, but really should be said so that everyone (who plays Hayato or has an avoid rate skill) knows. Ever since the v.141 (Cygnus) patch, avoid-rate skills for all classes do not work. And that begins with Hayato mainly because Hayato, as of this patch, has the most glitches. Read the rest of this post to get a rundown of the glitches. I really hope Nexon fixes these; as it makes training, bossing, etc harder.

First of all, a very important skill of ours (Hayato); Falcon Dive, is not doing it’s job. Additionally, it can randomly disconnect you from the game if used. No damage is done when the skill is used as well.

Shinsoku makes your skin/body invisible for some reason.

Battoujutsu Stance/Soul do not position your character in the correct stance. Instead, you stand up normally when it’s active. It’s not supposed to be that way.

Avoidability Rate from Willow Dodge and such is not active/working at ALL. Actually, all of the classes with an avoidability-rate/dodge skill are not getting any avoidability at all. Other examples, including Hayato’s avoidability issue with WIllow Dodge and Jinsoku: Phantom’s Mist Mask/Cart Noire, Nightlords’ & Shadowers’ Shadow Shifter Xenon’s Hybrid Defense, Bowmaster & Marksman Illusion Step, and all other classes with an avoidability skill. This needs to be urgently addressed (@Nexon).

So yeah, I just thought I’d put this out there since it’s irritating me so much and I’m sure it’s irritating you all as well. If you have a class that usually has a good chance of dodging a hit or avoidability rate, I’m sure you’re going to notice getting hit more/losing HP faster.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon!


Until next time,




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