GMS v144 – RED: Zero Update Highlights

Hello everyone! The update highlights for GMS’ v144 patch are here. This patch will be the second part to the RED update, bringing a new and unique class to the game, known as ‘Zero’. This class is unique for many reasons, but mostly because you are essentially controlling two characters as one, if that makes any sense. The storyline is heavily embedded into the gameplay of this class and plays a major role in your experience, as a player. Read the rest of this post to check out the full update highlights!

The Goddess Rhinne controls the flow of time, though this mighty ability comes with a price: Rhinne can change anyone’s future… but her own. Upon learning that the Black Mage would imprison her in the future, Rhinne had no choice but to create a child, a new Transcendent she hoped would one day replace her. That child was Zero.

The Black Mage recognized the threat Zero represented. However, if he destroyed it, another Transcendent would simply take Zero’s place. Thus, he gave his Commanders a task: split the Child of the Goddess into two separate entities, to prevent them from using their full powers. The two children, a boy and a girl, were taken to a world designed specifically to keep them locked away; Mirror World.

The boy was raised as one of the Shadow Knights, an elite organization trained to battle the evils of the Umbra Temple, a pit of evil monsters located just outside their hometown of Shadowvale. But, as he grew older, he sensed that something was amiss. And one day he was proven right. He found a girl, bound and asleep inside the very temple he had been trained to fear, and the girl had his face. The boy knew he had to save her, and escape this prison, to find the truth…

Zero is two new characters rolled up in one! Take control of Alpha and Beta and master their distinct fighting styles. Use both at the same time or swap between them during battle.

The Zero class starts at Level 100 and remains in Mirror World until their story is complete at Level 180. After that they can explore Maple World to their hearts’ content. Zero’s skills are powered by Time Force, and not MP. Time Force recovers quickly and can be used almost limitlessly.

Zero comes equipped with two weapons: Lapis and Lazuli, and as Zero grows, their weapons receive Weapon Points and grow in tandem.

Rhinne may be imprisoned but hope is not lost. Take control of Zero and escape Mirror World!

I’m quite excited for this class for two particular reasons:

  1. The story is forcefully a part of the gameplay until Lv. 180. This is great and teaches players to learn to appreciate the storylines more. Besides, starting at Lv. 100 is too good to be true without SOME kind of exception. I guess the exception is staying in the Mirror World until Lv. 180!
  2. I really enjoy the mobility and options we get for this class. What I mean is, you can alternate the battle styles you have which is great for people who have different preferences/styles of attacking. You can use both of them at once, or switch them out for each other!

In other news, I’m working on posting some of my ‘RED’ update impressions in my next post. It is finals week, so bare with me!

Until next time,



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