GMS – Rising Heroes (Part 2): Tower of Oz! + Update About My Blog

As most of you might already know, the first part of GMS’ Rising Heroes update features the apparent sixth Hero of the Hero line of classes (Mercedes, Aran, and so on) — Shade. This is was an obviously predictable update since it’s part of the storyline and was in KMS as well! Aside from this big release (for those of you who love playing different classes), the second patch of the Rising Heroes update will feature a new theme dungeon to MapleStory called the Tower of Oz. Read on to get the update highlights from Nexon’s site as well as some feedback from me plus a few updates on what has been going on with me. It’s been a really, really long time!

So, just to establish some ground beyond going any further, the last patch (the first patch of this update) was for the sixth Hero, Shade. Shade, or EunWol in KMS, is a pirate-based class and is supposedly the forgotten hero as far as MapleStory’s storyline goes. Here is a very brief GMS trailer of the class release from Nexon:

Due to my absence for the past two months, I will not be going into too much depth as far as this class goes. You can definitely check out some information on Shade/EunWol on Max’s Blog, from where it originally started in KMS.

The legendary Tower of Oz was built deep below the sea by Alicia, the Transcendent of Life, before the Black Mage could desecrate Maple World with his evil. Alicia built the Tower to protect innocent creatures from the Black Mage and created guardians to help aid her, each fashioned after characters from her favorite childhood story. But her magic was too strong and the guardians grew too powerful. Now they have gained control of the Tower, and it’s up to you to help Alicia save her underwater sanctuary.

Characters Lv.100 and up can enter the Tower of Oz through the Dimensional Mirror. However, there are barriers within the Tower that will block anyone smarter than a scarecrow. If a smarty-pants intruder stays in the Tower for too long, they will be booted back to the lobby. Since we know you’re not brainless, you’ll need to take some Stupid Pills to trick the Tower’s defense system.

You get five minutes to traverse the Tower if you do not take a Stupid Pill, which you can buy from Glinda using Oz Points. Oz Points can be earned by clearing a floor; you’ll also gain EXP. If you don’t make it through the Tower before the first Stupid Pill wears off, you can unlock additional Stupid Pill slots from Alicia to extend your use time. You have a better chance of getting to the deeper floors with stronger Stupid Pills.

If you do not have enough Oz Points to buy a Stupid Pill, you can get a Generic Stupid Pill from fellow Maplers. Even when you still have time remaining from the Stupid Pill, if you remain on a floor for too long, Finley will appear to shoo away unwelcome guests, a.k.a. people who are actually smart, a.k.a. you.

Players who enter the Tower of Oz will need to traverse up to 50 levels while completing tasks, such as hunting monsters, navigating jump quests, and more. Survive the Tower’s trials to reach the bottom floor. Powerful bosses appear every 10 floors to halt your advance. If you want to continue, you’ll need to defeat monstrous versions of the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion and even Dorothy herself! Conquer up to 200 floors each day for a true challenge.

Several floors act as resting spots; there are no monsters on these floors. The Tower of Oz uses time-stops while you are in a resting area, so feel free to take a breather.
When you log out in a resting spot, you will return to its location when you log back in, and can continue your journey from that floor. When you return to the lobby, you can earn bonus rewards based on how far you got. Oz Points received from clearing floors can be used to purchase a variety of items from Glinda, who’s taken up residence outside the Tower’s entrance.

When you’re done exploring, you will receive one of Alicia’s Ring Boxes- which type of box depends on which floor you exited from. The box can contain a new weapon, earring, or ring that will grant unique skills when equipped. Clear even higher-level floors with tougher monsters and bosses to receive special staffs and hats.

There is treasure at the bottom of the sea, and the only way to claim it is to dive, dive, dive… how low can you go?

This update is definitely something to be excited for. I mean, for me at least. I already have my mind set on what classes I play, so new classes haven’t been much of an excitement for me. I need some adventure! This is definitely some content I’d love to make a few videos of, so stay tuned!

About my recent “hiatus”, I greatly apologize for the sudden absence. I have been sorting quite a few things out, life-wise and have been planning a lot of good things as well. I think this time, I have it all sorted out. Your only job is to stay tuned, so stay tuned! I have a lot of great things to come, up ahead!

Until next time,




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