Will Hoopa’s New Form Emerge In Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire?


Recalling the information that was datamined from the ORAS demo, it was revealed by ProjectPokemon, a while back, that Hoopa was going to be receiving a new form known as Hoopa-H or the Hyperspace form. Yesterday, dataminers leaked a screenshot of Hoopa’s “Hyperspace” form, in battle. I’m beginning to get extremely curious to knowing exactly what Game Freak plans to do with this form — if it’s going to play a role in ORAS or not, or if it is going to be in the X/Y sequel(s).

When it first leaked, I found an interesting similarity (below) between the black hole featured in the CoroCoro issue from two months ago and the hole on Hoopa-H’s chest. Will this have something to do with the legendary Pokemon that are all over the Hoenn region in ORAS? Do you travel through a portal, or do Pokemon come out of it? So far, all we know about the legendary Pokemon that you can catch post-game is that they are involved with “Mirage-Spots”. From the context of that term, it seems like they just sort of appear spontaneously around the Hoenn region. But if that’s true, then what is that black hole? It might just be a black hole, but look at the ring around it and how it matches Hoopa-H’s chest.


It’s hard to tell now, but I thought I’d just throw in my two cents for now. It’s fascinating seeing this new design — I personally love it and find it very mystical. I think Game Freak may have drawn inspiration from the Hindu destroyer god Shiva. It kind of makes sense considering Hoopa is described to be the “Mischief Pokemon”. It also has a similar skin color to that of Shiva’s as well — plus the multiple arms as well.

Yesterday, a patch for PokeBank was released which brought about the following changes, for those of you who have hacked Hoopa, other Pokemon, items, etc:

  • Hoopa is tradeable.
  • Hoopa can battle online.
  • Latios’ & Latias’ mega stones and Soul Dew items are tradeable online.

Seeing Hoopa’s new form really sparks my curiosity as to what the story is going to be like in the sequel(s) of Pokemon X/Y. I wonder if Hoopa-H will play a role in the story?

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