I Haven’t Forgotten!

Hello, my readers. It’s been quite a while (I should really stop taking these random breaks from blogging, I hate having to say this). While it seemed as if I’ve neglected my blogging emphasis and habits, I have been quite busy, but definitely haven’t forgotten about everything I write for you. With this in mind, I have consistently taken the time to map out how I want to continue this blog and I’ve come to the following conclusion.

I have multiple interests and as a result, my organization of those interests is vital to maintaining harmony on my blog. As much as I love MapleStory, which is a game I have mostly blogged about, I want to emphasize slightly less on it. There are great authors out there who work really hard on maintaining thorough explanations and presentations of the latest content, such as Max’s blog (www.orangemushroom.net). In addition to this, I realized that MapleStory is not something that I have an everlasting interest in. I still play it from time to time, only on a sentimental basis, for emotional fulfillment, being that the game has been a part of my life for 8 years now. I do some quests here and there, and tinker around with my characters’ outfits, but not much more. It’s not that I am completely forgetting about my MapleStory endeavors, but I feel that there is much more, as far as games go, that I would like to cover.

Additionally, there are more broader topics that I am far more interested in diving into. Particularly, I plan to appreciating various aesthetics from clothing to music — there are a lot more personally fulfilling aspects and innovative thoughts that I have with respect to particular topics within the category of aesthetics. There is much that I appreciate in video games, such as MapleStory, that I appreciate in the real world. I’ve realized that after mindlessly seeking virtual fulfillment for over 8 years, constantly playing tons of games. It’s quite hilarious how things like that come to be, huh?

I hope that those of you who read my blog continue to read. Please remember that I appreciate the views that I have acquired and always appreciate the time you take to read my posts. Things are going to get a lot more interesting around here. It’s a new year, and as cliche as the ideology goes on to be, consider this a fresh start (or restart?)! I would hope that you stick around for more.

You can follow me here on my blog or catch me on any of the links on the side bar.

Until next time,



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