Hoopa Has Officially Emerged!

On Wednesday, The Pokemon Company officially revealed one of the most highly anticipated Generation 6 Pokemon, Hoopa. Since Hoopa was revealed to be featured in the upcoming Pokemon movie last Saturday, it makes sense that The Pokemon Company found it an appropriate time to finally settle the buzz about when Hoopa will become relevant. It’s exciting to see its recognition. I remember theorizing a ton before ORAS was released about how the legendary Pokemon that appeared in Hoenn was based on its ability to transport things like land, objects, Pokemon, etc. It makes sense considering the rings that you have to “reach” into when meeting the legendary, in either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

What I’m really anticipating to see is Hoopa’s other form. I have a feeling that it will be featured in the upcoming movie due to the title that was given to the movie, “The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa”. Since Hoopa’s form has been considered already by many fans to be based on a Djinn, everything starts to make sense with the title given to the upcoming movie. Recall this analysis I posted a couple of posts back:


What do you think about Hoopa? Leave a comment below, if you’d like, and check out where you can catch me in the links bar on the right!

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