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GMS – v.154: Sword Art Online Update Highlights

Believe it or not, Nexon is bringing the Sword Art Online crossover event from JMS to GMS. How insane is that? I don’t know about you, but SAO is one of my favorites. I’m kind of interested to see where Nexon takes this crossover event. Read on for the update highlights.

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GMS – v.152: Mark of Honor, Hieizan Temple Update Highlights

Nexon America has announced GMS’ next update which has to do with a series of older patches, the Mark of Honor content. This time, they have brought a theme dungeon where players can “go back in time” into the Sengoku Era where they can experience game play as Hayato and Kanna and fight a variety of different monsters. This patch brings two major updates as well. Firstly is the new region of Kritias, a “mysterious” kingdom next to Leafre. Kritias will entail a variety of events that feature equipment, chairs, and skins. Jett, the GMS exclusive class, will be going through some MAJOR revamps including their skills and their storyline. Kudos to you folks who kept faith in Jett, for the time has now come. Read on to read the actual update highlights as well as a few words from me.

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GMS – Rising Heroes (Part 2): Tower of Oz! + Update About My Blog

As most of you might already know, the first part of GMS’ Rising Heroes update features the apparent sixth Hero of the Hero line of classes (Mercedes, Aran, and so on) — Shade. This is was an obviously predictable update since it’s part of the storyline and was in KMS as well! Aside from this big release (for those of you who love playing different classes), the second patch of the Rising Heroes update will feature a new theme dungeon to MapleStory called the Tower of Oz. Read on to get the update highlights from Nexon’s site as well as some feedback from me plus a few updates on what has been going on with me. It’s been a really, really long time!

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GMS v144 – RED: Zero Update Notes

The update notes for Zero’s patch to GMS is here! This will be the 2nd patch as part of the RED update (v144) to MapleStory. This patch will feature a brand new, unique class called Zero which is essentially two characters played side by side. More details on what this class is like are on the post below this one. Read the rest of this post to check out the full update notes for the Zero patch (v144).

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GMS v144 – RED: Zero Update Highlights

Hello everyone! The update highlights for GMS’ v144 patch are here. This patch will be the second part to the RED update, bringing a new and unique class to the game, known as ‘Zero’. This class is unique for many reasons, but mostly because you are essentially controlling two characters as one, if that makes any sense. The storyline is heavily embedded into the gameplay of this class and plays a major role in your experience, as a player. Read the rest of this post to check out the full update highlights!

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GMS v.143: RED – First Impact Update Notes (Part 1)

The update notes for the first part of the RED update, ‘First Impact’, in Global MapleStory (v.143) are here. The update notes are full of goodies that are coming to the game, and they totally make up for the delay on the new content Commerci. I think the reason why Nexon labeled these update notes as ‘Part 1’ is because of the Commerci delay which they will add hopefully soon after this patch. So much is going on in this patch such as the new event shop for RED, an entire makeover for the Adventurers, Jett Hyper Skills, Profession Revamp, and more! Check out the rest of this post for the full patch’s update notes!

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GMS v.143: RED – First Impact, Commerci Content Delayed

A notice was posted moments ago on GMS’ official website regarding the Commerci content expected to come with the patch set to arrive tomorrow (v.143 RED – First Impact). Nexon has announced that it will be delayed due to some bug fixes that are required prior to its release. It’s a shame that this new content will get delayed since new places to explore are always the most fun (for me, at least) in an update. I was looking forward to playing in Commerci, but oh well. I guess we’ll have to wait. The patch for RED: First Impact (v.143), however, will commence at 11PM PST time. I will post the update notes in a separate post.

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