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I Haven’t Forgotten!

Hello, my readers. It’s been quite a while (I should really stop taking these random breaks from blogging, I hate having to say this). While it seemed as if I’ve neglected my blogging emphasis and habits, I have been quite busy, but definitely haven’t forgotten about everything I write for you. With this in mind, I have consistently taken the time to map out how I want to continue this blog and I’ve come to the following conclusion.

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Blog Image Issues

Hello everyone. I wanted to simply apologize for any inconveniences you have experienced when trying to view my blog. The site I use to host my images has failed on me (reached its bandwidth limit). I will gradually find a temporary fix for this until I can find a permanent host. I will make sure this doesn’t happen as of the next post/blog update.

Again, I’m very sorry about this.

Until next time,


Join My New Gaming Forums!

Hey there everyone. I have officially launched my brand new forums. So, what ARE these forums, you ask? Well, me and my guildies in Maple wanted to find a better way to get more people to join our guild, and we wanted a more organized way to keep in touch! So I thought, why not open a forum for all of this? That way, we can talk about practically anything, become closer as a guild, plan things better for nicer boss runs, events, and more. However, this forum is not only for my guild! I’m welcoming all of you to join and discuss Maple, and other gaming to your hearts desire.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I join YOUR forum? There’s tons more out there with more people.”

I’m well aware of that, but there’s just one thing I’ve gotta tell you. Some Maplers enjoy a tighter community with a more relaxed feel. We’re still new, so if you want to stick with us until we can grow, that’s awesome! If not, you’re going to miss out. I have much planned for this forum so there is much more to be expected. In time, it will be very awesome. But every new forum/site needs a beginning, and we’re in our baby-steps phase right now.

Give it a try and introduce yourselves at .

Until next time,


New Things With A New Year~

Hey there everyone! So, I’ve decided to retire my gaming/technology blog and come back to blogging about MapleStory, and such, on here again. Why? Well, I thought about it, and I figured that the subject I blog the most about IS gaming, so it makes more sense to just keep it as my main subject of matter, on my main blog, Warustar!

So yeah, that means Maple stuff again, and whatnot, all on this blog. Everything will be here! Additionally, I have also retired my gaming YouTube channel and SORT of wiped it so I could start back on Warustar. Stay tuned for that!

Stay pixelated,


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone~ We made it to 2013. They say that thirteen is the number of bad luck, but I beg to differ. This, like many other years, is a year for innovation, a year for accomplishment, for resolution, for peace, and all of that other jazz. It’s time to put our foot down and confront our fears and confront our difficulties! It’s time to do what we’ve got to do. Personally, I’m going to try hard this year to build something for myself, as should all of you. We’re going to show that bad luck “13” that it ain’t gonna take control of us. We got this.

Until next time,


My blog has been reborn!

Hello everyone who is nice enough to visit my blog!

If you are someone who has seen my blog BEFORE, it should be obvious that it has changed…a lot!~

I made quite a few visual changes to it. Although the previous look it had was quite pleasant and simple, I wanted to take a risk and give it something different, so enjoy it, as I hope it is still conveniant and easy to use! This is a new beginning of much to come. I am working currently on my YouTube channel, and a decoden project soon to come on there and on this blog. Additionally, I will be reviewing some things on Maple, like I always have, only if I see that it needs to be reviewed. It takes too much time and energy to literally review everything that is updated! (Mainly because not everything updated on Maple is a good thing…  c; )

That’s it for now!

Waru <3 ~

My Activity To Certain Subjects & Coming Soon

Well, yeah…I haven’t really blogged anything in almost a month now and I have a confession. With all these MapleStory blogs out there, it IS pretty much pointless for me to blog CONSTANTLY about everything happening in GMS. Rather, from now on, I’ll just be blogging the updates that I personally find interesting and worth it. The benefit out of this would be in depth reviews, but only on updates I choose to blog about — evidently; and that means not all things will be blogged about (in terms of updates) that pertain to MapleStory. Not everything we get is interesting and even worth trying out, just being honest. Besides, I have more important things to publish and present in my blog soon which, in my opinion, is going to be 10x better than my simple posts.

So, what’s coming, you ask?

Well, for years, I have been planning numerous innovations that I have been constantly been motivated to push through. Be prepared for what will come~

See ya!

Waru <3